Covid-19 Updates

In addition to the general work plans, the department has separate safe work plans for individual spaces, lab groups and courses.  Please contact Danielle Audas, to obtain copies of individual safe work plans.

Fall 2021 Physics Classes

  • Large first year Burnaby lectures will be online, while tutorials and labs will be face to face.
  • PHYS 190 will be fully online.
  • All other classes, tutorials and labs will be face-to-face. Please see the outline for the courses you are interested in for further details.

General Information

  • The Department of Physics is governed by Faculty of Science guidelines and policies.
  • Individuals working on campus must follow the room capacity limits posted outside each room.
  • Entrances to the Burnaby campus are currently limited, please visit Campus Public Safety for latest updates.
  • Masks should be worn in all common areas in the Faculty of Science.
  • Individuals should limit their time on campus to 40% of regular working hours (2 days per week).
  • Department members may book our seminar rooms (P8445.1 and P8445.2) for meetings (subject to capacity limits).
  • Visitors are allowed on campus as long as they follow all safety guidelines. 
  • Everyone should first complete BC's standard self-assessment before coming to campus.

Supervisors - To perform self-inspections or reviews, go to this link: and click on either “Compliance Self-Inspection” or “Self-Review of SWP”