SFU Science Announces Recipients of 2020/2021 Excellence in Teaching Awards

January 27, 2022
Nancy Forde, professor in SFU Physics

SFU Faculty of Science is proud to announce this year's recipients of the 2020/2021 Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching awards, a list that includes faculty members and graduate students.

Faculty Award Recipients (honorarium of $1,000)

Nancy Forde, Physics

Forde has been recognized by efforts to make physics accessible to students at all levels from first-year service courses to advanced laboratories. Forde has also shown leadership in developing the Biophysics program, sharing the curriculum she developed with colleagues at SFU, and with the greater physics community at international conferences. 

Gamage Harsha Perera, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Perera teaches a wide variety of statistics courses and incorporates innovative teaching methods such as TopHat. Perera also has a strong teaching-related service record both within his department as undergraduate program chair, and beyond, as a member of the Statistics Education Committee of Statistical Society of Canada.

Course Team Award Receipients (an honorarium of $2,000)

Raymond Batchelor, Daniel Leznoff & Jeffrey Warren, Chemistry

Batchelor, Leznoff and Warren delivered an impressive transition of CHEM 120 to remote delivery during the 2020-21 academic year as well as a successful implementation of LON-CAPA to create online quizzes, homework and exams for almost 1000 students. They worked hard as a time to create engaging videos of lectures, problem-solving sessions and lecture demonstrations, and the attention to detail required to ensure the testing in LON-CAPA was fair to all of the students. 

Graduate Student Award Recipients (an honorarium of $500)

  • Blake Danis, Biological Sciences
  • Shayan Gheidi, Physics
  • Patrick Mayerhofer, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology
  • Elana Varna, Biological Sciences