SFU Science Announces Recipients of 2023 Excellence in Teaching Awards

October 31, 2023

SFU Faculty of Science is proud to announce this year's recipients of the 2023 Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching awards, a list that includes faculty members and graduate students.

FACULTY TEACHING AWARDS (Honorarium of $1000)

Sophie Burrill (Mathematics)

Dr. Burrill is strongly committed to making Math a welcoming and accessible field of study for all students. Her organization and support of the Calc Connect Peers in the MATH 150 seminars is especially impressive - as is her work with the Math EDI Learning Group

Steve Dodge (Physics)

Dr. Dodge brings engaging and innovative instruction methods to the curriculum from the introductory level to advanced graduate courses. He has served as the Chair of the Physics Graduate Program Committee, and supported the Physics IDEA Team’s departmental climate assessment.


Daria Ahrensmeier (Physics)

Dr. Ahrensmeier actively involved her students in the PHYS 140/141 redevelopment process, and helped develop the curriculum for a new undergraduate certificate in quantum information (QI). She is a dedicated mentor of fellow faculty and graduate students, showing educational leadership at the provincial and national level in quantum science and physics education.


Aleksei Bunevich (Physics)

Aleksei has made outstanding contributions as a Physics Teaching Assistant over the past few years, helping students learn challenging Physics concepts. Aleksei has positively impacted students' learning experiences in four large first-year course offerings, particularly during the pandemic when engaging students was especially challenging.

MacKenzie Carr (Mathematics)

MacKenzie has shown exceptional dedication as a MATH 150 Seminar Leader, both in supervising the Calc Connect Peers and improving the learning experience for students. She works hard to improve the experience of women in Mathematics outside of the classroom, working with the Association for Women in Math Student Chapter and the Math EDI Learning Group.

Philipe Fernandez-Fournier (Biological Sciences)

Philipe's exceptional enthusiasm for his field, his professionalism and hard work led to his nomination for this award. He designed new tutorials, quizzes, and lectures for BISC 309, and stepped in for his supervising professor for several weeks, when the need arose.

Emmanuel Hung (Biological Sciences)

Emmanuel has made outstanding contributions as a Biological Sciences Teaching Assistant and research mentor over the past few years. He has been engaged in activities far beyond the duties of a TA in BISC 317, including offering many extracurricular mini field trips and extracurricular tutorial sessions to help students prepare for midterm and final exams.