2022 Faculty of Science Teaching & Learning Grants Recipients

December 13, 2022

SFU Science is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Faculty of Science Teaching & Learning Grants. These grants provide support for teaching faculty to conduct research about teaching and learning and test innovative strategies for course delivery.

  • Daria Ahrensmeier – Physics - "Testing of newly designed experiments and activities for PHYS 141 by undergraduate research assistants”
  • Byron Gates – Chemistry - to develop laboratory exercises for chemistry undergraduates to utilize the programming language R as a tool in Analytical Chemistry
  • Joanna Niezen and Natalia Kouzniak – Math - "Whiteboard seminars in MATH-150: enhancing student experience in a calculus course"
  • Becky Wei Lin – Statistics - "Assessing the effectiveness of the use of interactive applications for Introductory Statistics Courses”
  • Patty Somers – Chemistry - "Visualization and Motivation in Organic Chemistry”
  • Stephanie Vlachos – Molecular Biology and Biochemistry - "Introducing a 200-level laboratory course in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry"

Recipients will share the impact of their grant-funded projects at a future Faculty-wide event.