Faculty of Science researchers awarded Canada’s highest academic honour

September 07, 2021

Two researchers in the Faculty of Science have been named as Royal Society of Canada Fellows.

Established in 1882 as Canada’s national academy, the RSC promotes research and learning in the arts, humanities and sciences. The society awards fellowships to peer-elected and distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions and impacts in these fields. The society’s mandate is to build a better future for Canada and the world.

John Bechhoefer — Department of Physics (pictured above left)

John Bechhoefer’s scientific contributions have ranged over pattern formation, liquid crystals, biological physics, nonequilibrium thermodynamics and statistical physics. Capitalizing on the control that can be exercised over small systems and creatively applying paradigm-shifting theoretical physics, he has tested fundamental principles that link information and feedback with thermodynamics and statistical physics, at scales that are appropriate to bacteria and cells.

Steven Holdcroft — Department of Chemistry (pictured above right)

A world-leading authority on solid polymer electrolytes and electrochemical materials for clean energy technologies, Holdcroft has inspired advanced materials research groups worldwide in the search for clean, pollution-free energy conversion devices. He led the discovery of revolutionary ionic polymer membranes that are transforming the clean energy sector by facilitating hydrogen production from water, hydrogen energy conversion in fuel cells, and electrolytic CO2 reduction.

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