June 01, 2016

Statistics professor extraordinaire Richard Lockhart is this year’s winner of the BC Sugar Achievement Award. The annual award recognizes a history of leadership and accomplishments directly related to responsibilities and activities at SFU.  

Lockhart has been teaching and researching at SFU since 1979 - amassing numerous awards and accolades over his career. In addition to holding executive positions with the Statistical Society of Canada and editorial positions at the Canadian Journal of Statistics, Lockhart has published countless papers, chaired numerous committees, organized conferences in the US and Canada and of course, taught and mentored thousands of students.

Of Lockhart’s numerous strengths, one of his nominators says, “Richard Lockhart is one of the smartest, clearest thinkers I have ever met. He is a superb mathematical statistician with enormous insights. And he is a tireless, generous and modest collaborator… He is one of the heroes of Canadian Statistics.”

That’s pretty admirable commendation for the ever-modest Lockhart who says,  “I have been very lucky to have such great collaborators and co-authors and such a warm friendly SFU environment to work in.”