SFU Science Announces Recipients of 2022 Excellence in Teaching Awards

October 14, 2022

SFU Faculty of Science is proud to announce this year's recipients of the 2022 Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching awards, a list that includes faculty members and graduate students.

Faculty Award Recipients (Honorarium of $1000)

Ingrid Northwood

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Northwood has shown impressive dedication to the undergraduate teaching mission in MBB; displaying a strong commitment to a safe and inclusive learning environment, and prioritizing students’ mental health. Northwood has also shown strong educational leadership as Chair of the MBB Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and MBB Program Advisor.

Jim Carter

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Carter is being acknowledged for his accomplishments in teaching and curriculum development. Carter’s commitment to informative, real-world, engaging instruction in several core courses from first to fourth year is admirable. The work Carter did to successfully pivot BPK 407 to a new online course (BPK 409) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic was especially notable.

Jeff McGuirk


McGuirk is being celebrated for accomplishments in teaching and curriculum development. McGuirk’s use of pedagogically-tested innovation in course design, including being an early adopter of iClickers, and restructuring PHYS 326 using a “flipped classroom” methodology is to be commended. McGuirk has also shown exemplary educational leadership as Chair of the Physics Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Graduate Student Award Recipient (Honorarium of $500)

Ranah Chavoshi


Chavoshi is being acknowledged for outstanding contributions to BISC 326 over the past few years. Chavoshi’s exceptional dedication to providing the best possible learning environment for students, particularly in making online course as engaging as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic has been praised.

Course Team Award Recipients (Honorarium of $2000)

Jaime Chalissery, Kendal Singleton, Claire Gooding, and Tiia Haapalainen


This team is being congratulated for their outstanding contributions to the Biological Sciences teaching program. Their ability to adjust the laboratory component of BISC 317 to meet SFU’s safety guidelines, as well as presenting condensed laboratory content during the COVID pandemic was very impressive. Their collective dedication to this course ensured that students had the best possible learning experience.