Environmental Medicine and Physiology Unit

The Environmental Medicine and Physiology Unit (EMPU) is the only civilian hyperbaric and hypobaric facility in Canada available to academic, industrial and government researchers. The facility specializes in supporting equipment performance testing, scientific experiments and research at extreme pressures (305m/100,000 feet of altitude and 30,480m/1,000 feet of seawater).

We are capable of meeting specific requirements for hyperbaric, aerospace, and environmental testing of various degrees and equipment. Previous projects include, but are not limited to: pilot high altitude training (hypoxia), monitoring human operational parameters, acclimatization training, testing of survival suits, life-support systems, electronics and fuel cells.

Contact Us

The EMPU is now closed.

For any hypo/hyperbaric chamber inquiries, please email Danielle Audas (scdirops@sfu.ca), Director, Facilities and Technical Operations.