Hazard Reporting

All hazards must be reported. Every employee must be aware of reporting procedures.

Hazards Requiring Immediate Attention

Examples of situations requiring immediate action include: a suspicious package appearing in your area, a gas or chemical smell, suspicious person, etc.

SFU Burnaby 778.782.4500 
SFU Vancouver 778.782.5252
SFU Surrey 778.782.7511
Great Northern Way 778.782.8203

Hazards in your Department

This applies to non-emergency situations and includes blocked emergency evacuation routes, poor workstation ergonomics, indoor air quality issues, etc..

Report all hazards to your supervisor who is responsible for investigating and initiating appropriate action.

If your supervisor fails to address your perceived hazard, contact your local joint safety committee  or the Environmental Health and Research Safety Assistant at 778.782.5935 (25935), or email carchesi@sfu.ca.

Hazards in Public Spaces

This applies in situations outside of a department (for example, in a hallway, classroom, lecture theatre, cafeteria, stairwell, access routes, outdoor areas) and includes circumstances such as broken steps, damaged seats, protruding branches, poor lighting, damaged railings, etc.

SFU Burnaby
778.782.3582 or Facilities Services
SFU Vancouver
SFU Surrey
Great Northen Way 778.782.8203

Not sure who to contact?

Call Environmental Health and Research Safety for assistance at 778.782.5935 (25935) or email carchesi@sfu.ca.