About us


Safety & Risk Services (SRS) is a service department reporting to the Vice President Finance and Administration.
SRS comprises three service units including:

  • Campus Public Safety
  • Enterprise Risk & Resilience
  • Environmental Health & Safety

Our organizational chart

Strategic focus

Our focus is to develop and implement a resilience framework that will support the safety and risk management work within SRS and the SFU community through a shared leadership model.

Mission, vision, purpose, & values

  • Our mission is to support excellence in learning, teaching and research for the SFU community through collaboratively faciliatating and advancing world-leading standards and practices in safety, security and the management of risk.
  • Our vision is that safety, security, and the management of risk are embedded in all decision making at all levels across the SFU community.

Campus Public Safety

  • Our purpose is to identify and mitigate life safety and security risks to the SFU community in a manner that supports public safety and resource protection in accordance withour mandate by honouring our core values to deliver excellence in service.
  • Our values: Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Dedication

Enterprise Risk & Resilience

  • Our purpose is to provide risk management and mitigation resources at both the strategic enterprise and operational levels to the SFU community to enhance organizational resilience.
  • Our values: Resilience, Proactivity, Shared Responsibility

Environmental Health & Safety

  • Our purpose is to provide educational, technical and advisory services to the SFU community by working collaboratively with academic, reserach, and service units to minimize and mitigate safety, health and environmental risks.
  • Our values: Professionalism, Collaboration, Mutual Respect