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Reception  778.782.7249

Campus Security Dispatch:    General Enquiries 778.782.3100    Emergency 778.782.4500   

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General Office Hours 

8:30am to 4:00pm

Key & Card Access Counter

8:45am to 3:45pm

Campus Security Dispatch

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Street Address:

Safety & Risk Services
Discovery 1, Room 1300
Simon Fraser University
8999 Nelson Way
Burnaby, BC, Canada
V5A 4B5

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PLEASE NOTE - Campus Security information centre is still located at the Transportation Centre on Gaglardi Way

Mailing Address:

Safety & Risk Services
Discovery 1 1300
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC, Canada
V5A 1S6

Safety & Risk Services - Office of the Chief Safety Officer

Mark LaLonde
Chief Safety Officer
Safety & Risk Services

Provides strategic planning, leadership and oversight on policy, financial, and operational management for all departments in Safety & Risk Services; advises senior executives on a wide range of operational and strategic issues; monitors trends, liaises with stakeholders and collaborates in development of practices, policies and procedures.

Phone: 778.782.9208
Email: mark_lalonde@sfu.ca

Ana Niembro Blanco
Financial Services

Provides operational and administrative support to the Chief Safety Officer.

Phone: 778.782.4007
Email: ana_niembro_blanco@sfu.ca

Campus Security

Administration Contacts

Steven MacLean
Senior Director, Campus safety and Security services

Provides strategic direction and leadership for the Community Safety, Access Control, and Traffic Safety units of the Campus Safety & Security Services department at Simon Fraser University.  Overseeing an integrated staff of eighty security practitioners and support personnel across three lower mainland campuses, Steven ensures the department provides cutting edge public safety and resource protection services in a manner that strives to exceed industry standards.              

Phone: 778.782.4174
Email: steven_maclean@sfu.ca

Jennifer Law-Claveau
Departmental Secretary

Provides administrative support for the Campus Safety & Security Services Department, including billing, purchasing and payroll.

Phone: 778.782.7343
Email: jennifer_law-claveau@sfu.ca

Campus Security Contacts

Julie Glazier
Director-Community Safety / Personal Security Advisor     

Oversees day to day operations of the Campus Security unit including investigation oversight, incident command and security programs.  Provides Personal Security consulations, workshops and resource assistance.         

Phone: 778.782.8473
Email: julieg@sfu.ca

Non-emergency Phone Numbers

  • Burnaby: 778-782-3100
  • Surrey: 778-782-7070
  • Vancouver (all except Goldcorp Centre): 778-782-5029
    • Goldcorp Centre for the Arts: 778-782-5749

Ryan Buckberry
Security Supervisor  

Provides supervision to Security Patrol shifts including investigations, community outreach and incident command.      

Phone: 778.782.3922
Email: rbuckber@sfu.ca

john nguyen
Security Supervisor    

Provides supervision to Security Patrol shifts including investigations, community outreach and incident command.        

Phone: 778.782.3922
Email: john_nguyen_3@sfu.ca         

Gordon Scheurer
Security Supervisor

Provides supervision to Security Patrol shifts including investigations, community outreach and incident command.        

Phone: 778.782.3922
Email: gordon_scheurer@sfu.ca           

Jason Morlin
Security Supervisor               

Provides supervision to Security Patrol shifts including investigations, community outreach and incident command.        

Phone: 778.782.3922
Email: morlin@sfu.ca  

Cidric butac
Student Campus Safety Program 

A student that provides supervision and leadership to a team of student employees engaged in supporting Campus Security community programs.

Phone: 778.782.5425

Traffic Safety Contacts

Mike Spencer
Manager - Traffic Safety 

Performs supervisory duties related to traffic safety on campus, including oversight of traffic enforcement and road closures.

Phone: 778.782.3866
spencerf@sfu.ca or traffic@sfu.ca

Jezko Jerabek
Traffic Enforcement Coordinator

Provides supervision to parking enforcement operations and assists with traffic safety on campus.


Access & Physical Security Solutions Contacts

Jason Eldridge
Manager, Access & Physical Security Solutions

Oversees strategic direction and management of Access and Physical Security Solutions including the lockshop, physical security and card/key access.  This position also provides technical support for the Campus Safety & Security Services department including security systems, security assessments and day to day operation of security‚Äôs technical resources.          

Phone: 778.782.8634
Email: jason_eldridge@sfu.ca 

Meghan Wong
Access & Physical Security Assistant

Provides reception coverage for Safety & Risk Services, photo ID processing, administration of Access & Physical Security financial transactions and provides coverage for Access Control Clerks.

Phone: 778.782.5448
Email: access_control@sfu.ca             

Megan Purdon
Access Control Clerk

Processes card, key and locksmith work order requests for the SFU Burnaby Community.

Phone: 778.782.5448
Email: access_control@sfu.ca             

Mary Phan
Access Control Clerk 

Processes card, key and locksmith work order requests for the SFU Burnaby Community.

Phone: 778.782.5448
Email:  access_control@sfu.ca

Don Flood
Locksmith Foreman

Oversees operations of SFU Lockshop.

NOTE - DON IS CURRENTLY ON LEAVE - forward all requests to access_control@sfu.ca

Ed Herbert

Provides locksmith services.

Aleksey Sazhin

Provides locksmith services.

Emergency & Continuity Planning

Laura Vajanto
Emergency and Continuity Planner

Responsible for emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and business continuity planning and programs.

Phone: 778.782.9855
Email: laura_vajanto@sfu.ca

Darrell Akerstrom
Associate Emergency Planner

Responsible for coordination of volunteer teams, emergency preparedness presentations and events and support of emergency planning.

Phone: 778.782.8632

Environmental Health & Research Safety

Melinda Skura
Senior Director, Environmental Health & research Safety 

Oversees the Environmental Health & Research Safety programs at SFU.

Phone: 778.782.7264
Email: mkulbaba@sfu.ca

Mike Neudorf
Director, Research & Laboratory Safety

Oversees the Biosafety & Laboratory Safety, Chemical and Hazardous Waste Safety, and Radiation Safety programs.

Phone: 778.782.7265
Email: mneudorf@sfu.ca

Tajinder Aujla
Director, Occupational Health and Trades Safety 

Oversees the Occupational Health and Trades Safety programs at SFU.

Phone: 778.782.4978
Email: taa19@sfu.ca

Kate Scheel
Program Manager, Ionizing Radiation Safety 

Manages the ionizing radiation safety program, advises on research involving radioactive materials, and manages the radionuclide facility.

Phone: 778.782.3633
Email: scheel@sfu.ca

Program Manager, Non-Ionizing Radiation and X-ray Safety

Manages programs which ensure the safe use of equipment generating: lasers, X-rays, or electromagnetic fields.



Jutta Rickers-Haunerland
Radiation Safety Technician

Responsible for the operation of the radioisotope facility and its instrumentation.  Provides guidance, training, and technical support to users.  Tracks use of radioisotopes and runs the dosimetry program.

Phone: 778.782.3506
Email: jhaunerl@sfu.ca

Anne Carchesio
Safety Assistant

Tracks and reports all reportable incidents, liaises with the WCB, schedules and arranges safety training and provides support to all Safety Advisors.

Phone: 778.782.5935
Email: carchesi@sfu.ca

Erin Linde
Program Manager - Environmental & Safety Management Systems

Responsible for Safety Management, Environmental Management, Fire Safety and Ergonomics programs.  

Phone: 778.782.5728
Email: elinde@sfu.ca

Sandra Stan
Program Manager - Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Responsible for managing the Asbestos Control Program, performing and overseeing Indoor Air Quality and mould assessments, managing the Confined Space Entry Program, coordinating Shop Safety Training, and providing support for the Facilities and Trades safety programs.

Phone: 778.782.3011
Email: sandra_stan@sfu.ca

Monica Szczepina
Program Manager - Biosafety & Laboratory Safety

Provides support with Laboratory Safety programs and coordinates training. This includes WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Biosafety Permit Applications and Renewals, as well as Biosafety Inspections.

Phone: 778.782.6740
Email: mszczepi@sfu.ca

Simon Wong
Program Manager - IAQ & Trades Safety

Provides support with IAQ and Trades Safety programs. This includes fall protection, noise, contractor orientation, hot work permits; and indoor air quality.

Phone: 778.782.3867
Email: simon_wong_9@sfu.ca

Catherine Peltier
Program Manager - Chemical Safety & Hazardous Waste 

Provides support with Laboratory Safety programs and in particular, Chemical Safety, Hazardous Waste Management and Hazardous Materials Signage.

Phone: 778.782.8633
Email: cpeltier@sfu.ca

Technician - Occupational Health & Trades Safety

Provides support for the Occupational Health and Trades Safety portfolio.

Phone: 778.782.3386
Email: marta_spira@sfu.ca

Organizational Excellence & Planning

Laura MacDonald
Senior Director, Organizational Excellence & Planning

Oversees the strategic direction of OEP unit and collaborates with stakeholders in development of practices, policies and procedures.

Phone: 778.782.5450

Chas Florio
Director, Systems Analysis & Project Management

Manages activities and functions of SRS projects and conducts systems analysis for the SRS portfolio.

Phone: 778.782.3466
Email:  cflorio@sfu.ca

Lindsey Ridgway
Communications & Event Coordinator

Coordinates communication activities across the SRS portfolio including development of communications strategies, designing digital and print media, website management, and coordinating community events.

Phone: 778.782.9600
Email:  lindsey_ridgway@sfu.ca

Administrative Assistant

Develops and manages the SRS budget and associated records, as well as provides administrative, financial, payroll, and budget support to the SRS team.

Phone: 778.782.9623

Coordinator, Travel Safety

Responsible for the coordination of SFU's International Travel Safety Program.   

Phone: 778.782.3560
Email: valtamir@sfu.ca


Provides operational and administrative support to the SRS team. 

Phone: 778.782.9337

Risk Management


Phone: 778.782.4380
Email: smcaine@sfu.ca

Oversees the University Risk Management programs and develops procedures and processes to help mitigate University risks. This includes contract indemnity evaluation, waiver development, and claims oversight.

Trina Forrest
Risk Analyst

Phone: 778.782.9242

Provides assistance with general risk management concerns, certificates of insurance, property claims, insurance transactions, risk registry updates, and vehicle and vessel registrations.