Canada’s Largest Star Party

Embark on a celestial adventure at Starry Nights at SFU Burnaby! This is a free, all ages,  in-person event every Friday night, with the last Friday of the month being an ONLINE only event. These events are weather dependant so please check our X/Twitter or Facebook feed for updates on weather conditions every Friday afternoon.​

Our evening star parties are designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of prior knowledge or equipment. Our dedicated volunteers will guide you on a celestial journey, unveiling the wonders visible to the naked eye.. To maintain a cozy atmosphere, we allow 5-10 visitors inside the observatory at a time, while keeping the door and slit open.​

If you happen to bring your own binoculars or telescope, we'll gladly assist you in getting acquainted with your equipment and navigating the night sky. Seasoned astronomers, your expertise is valued - share your passion with budding stargazers and watch their curiosity light up.​

Join us for an evening of cosmic wonders at Starry Nights, where the universe comes alive in every clear Friday night sky!​

For more event information please email​

Maps and directions to Trottier Observatory

Starry Nights Online

Presented by SFU Science Outreach and Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Vancouver​

On the last Friday of every month, join us for a special live edition of Starry Nights at SFU’s Trottier Observatory where we will be streaming live from the SFU Trottier Observatory. Get an astronomer’s-eye view of objects in the night sky through the Trottier Observatory telescope, from the comfort of home.​​

Volunteers from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Vancouver will join the live chat to answer your astronomy questions.​

This event will only go ahead if the weather is clear. Check our Facebook or X/Twitter accounts for weather updates.​

View previous Starry Nights Online events on our YouTube Channel.​


  • This event is online only. There will be no in-person event during livestreamed events.​
  • Telescope loyalty cardholders may NOT earn credit from attending these online events.

Observatory House Rules

  • Admittance to the observatory is free to the general public (children are welcome). 5-10 people are allowed to enter at any time when the door and slit are open. Masks are recommended, but no longer required.​
  • We make no guarantee that everyone who comes to Starry Nights will get inside the observatory. We ask for your patience and understanding as we make every effort to accommodate as many people as we can.  Our staffers will assist in managing the line up outside the observatory entrance.  We ask for everyone's cooperation in complying with all safety protocols.​
  • Once you have looked through the telescope, please make your way back outside so that another guest can have a turn.  Our staffers will be disinfecting the telescope eyepiece before and after each visitor's use. If you intend to go back in again, please have yourself stamped upon entry (as proof that your vaccine card has been checked) and line up again at the entrance.
  • Food, drink and flash photography are not permitted inside the observatory.​
  • SFU is not responsible for the supervision of children at public events. Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times. However, because only ONE member of the public is allowed inside at one time, unfortunately children will have to go in alone. But the parents can watch their child from the door.
  • Please do not touch the telescope - despite its size, it is a sensitive piece of equipment!

Starry Night Etiquette

  • Masks are recommended​
  • Accessibility is a priority at the Trottier Observatory. There are no stairs required for entry, and the eyepiece is thoughtfully positioned for wheelchair users' convenience.​
  • Our operation is run by dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time: they include SFU students, staff, faculty, and amateur astronomers from the Vancouver Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. We ask for your cooperation as all our volunteers comply with safety protocols.​
  • Feel free to use the portable telescopes set up outside the observatory but please remember that these telescopes are the personal property of our volunteers, whose safety precautions and usage are their own responsibility.​
  • These events may be photographed and/or video recorded by Simon Fraser University for archival, educational, and related promotional purposes. By attending or participating in these events, you are giving your consent to be photographed and/or video recorded. If you do not wish to be photographed and/or video recorded, please let us know and move to the side prior to the shoot


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