Outreach Programs

Science In Action

Science in Action is a free program that is open to elementary, middle school and high school classes interested in exploring science more deeply. Workshops and hands-on activities include exciting lab experiments and presentations from a variety of our departments. We are looking for community/corporate partners to help us develop this program and sustain funding for the next five years. Click here for more information on how to donate to this program.

Trottier Observatory & Science Courtyard

Interested in having your name or your organization's name at our SFU Burnaby campus for posterity? The Science Courtyard offers a number of opportunities such as community tables, star benches and green screens that are available for recognition opportunities. Click here for more information on how to donate to this program.

Math Catcher – Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling

SFU’s Math Catcher program works collaboratively with Aboriginal groups, Elders, and teachers to promote mathematics among Aboriginal elementary and high school students in a way that enables Aboriginal students to see themselves and their culture connected with mathematics.

The program introduces math topics and techniques through multi-lingual stories and films that foster Aboriginal languages and contain elements of Aboriginal traditions and cultures. Math Catcher hopes to encourage more Aboriginal youth to continue taking math throughout high school and to consider careers in math and science-related careers. Click here for more information on how to donate to this program.

If you are interested in supporting our outreach programs, please contact:

Wanda Dekleva
Executive Director, Advancement