Student Support

A student award is an investment in people, in education, in society – it is an investment with guaranteed returns.

Student awards ensure young people can access higher education. Scholarships support exceptional undergraduate and graduate students, and bursaries support those requiring financial assistance, particularly first-generation learners. Awards foster a spirit of community-engaged learning.

Benefits to You

Your private award at Simon Fraser University can celebrate a milestone, birthday or anniversary, perpetuate the memory of someone dear, raise the profile of your company among our student and faculty populations, or recognize a special achievement (such as volunteerism) to inspire and encourage those qualities in others.  Simon Fraser University is honoured to be a part of your philanthropic goals.

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Research Awards

A research award provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity of accessing hands-on research as part of their learning experience by working with researchers in their labs, in their fields of study. You can also direct your award to benefit students in a particular academic discipline, faculty, department, school or program – this helps build Simon Fraser University’s reputation in national and international arenas.


Bursaries ensure that no student is turned away from university because of financial reasons.  A bursary is a financial award that is given to a student who is experiencing financial need.  Students submit their financial information to a means test that assesses the amount of funding that they need in order to maintain a modest standard of living.  Bursary recipients are always full-time students performing at a satisfactory academic level who are financing their education with student loans.


An award is given in recognition of special qualities like volunteer involvement in the community, or distinguished intellectual, cultural, social, or athletic contributions to university life.  We are proud to recognize those who enrich the spirit of our campus community with these achievements.


Undergraduate Research Prizes (URP's) are intended to recognize and provide financial assistance to outstanding undergraduate students who will be carrying out research projects not for credit, during any term under the supervision of a faculty member in the specific department at Simon Fraser University. The goal of the prize is to allow undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain research experience with SFU research faculty.

To donate to an existing endowed award, please visit the department specific links listed above.

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