Science Stores

Dear Science Stores Users;

Please see updated information below regarding access to both Science Stores and Receiving. These measures are in place and effective as of today, June 8th, 2020. 

Science Stores and Receiving will resume essentially normal hours of operation and staffing levels. 

Procurement will resume for those labs who have been approved to scale up research activity. 

We have set up a calendar booking system to manage physical distancing requirements to both Stores and Receiving areas that you will need to use for access. Certain time slots have been block booked at the beginning and end of the day for staff to disinfect workspaces/high touch points. 


Note: You must book a time slot in advance to access either Stores or Receiving!

Science Stores booking calendar

Science Receiving booking calendar

If you do not have a current account with Science Stores use the link below to be set up in the system;


General Precautions:

- you will be required to review the self assessment checklist posted on each door before entry

- you will be required to sign in when you enter either space

- if you do not respect the physical distancing requirements in place you will be asked to leave and your access may be revoked

Science Stores supports Science faculty and researchers by providing  convenient access to supplies and consumables used in research. Use your SFU computing ID that has been authorized by Science Stores to access the online Stock Chemical Delivery request/Stores catalogue

Please note that requisitions submitted after 10 am will be processed on the next business day.

A dropbox is available at the Science Stores main entrance for submitting purchase requisitions or other documentation outside of operating hours. 



To order through Science Stores and SFU Procurement complete an online Purchase Requisition at If you have not previously completed an online purchase requisition, you may be able to find an experienced user within your department. If no one is available within your department, then Jocelyn Lee (Science Stores) is available to help first-time users with their initial requisition submission. Please submit signed purchase requisitions to Jocelyn Lee. The purchase requisition must be signed by the PI or delegated authority. If the PI is out of town and the delegated authority is also unavailable, then an email approval attached to the purchase requisition is acceptable. Please note this email approval procedure should only be used in rare circumstances.

1) Orders greater than $10,000 must be directed to Procurement.

2) All computer orders must be directed to Procurement (Paul Dhaliwal, Senior Buyer).

3) Non-computer orders of less than $10,000 should be directed to Jocelyn Lee. Splitting of orders to fall below this limit is not permitted. [Jocelyn limit has been increased from $5,000 to $10,000.]

Please note that all purchases from research grants require prior approval by Research Accounting (RA) so please be sure to factor the time required for this step into your expectations for receipt of your purchase. Jocelyn submits a daily summary of purchase requests to RA for approval. She receives approval on these summaries same day or next day.

Purchase Requisition Preparation Instructions

Purchase Requisition Tips (to aid Buyer in efficiently processing requisitions)

  • Only include items from a single supplier on one requisition
  • Please print one-sided as Buyer scans for electronic transmission to other departments (e.g. Research accounting)

Printing FINS Purchase Requisitions - Issues

Workaround #1

  • Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Report Manager
  • Click on Report Column POP###.
  • Click on pop###.pdf to open the PDF file.
  1. Click on Report Column POP###
  2. Click on pop###.pdf to open the PDF file.

Workaround #2

  • Main Menu > People Tools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor
  • Click on Details hyperlink.
  • Click on ViewLog/Trace hyperlink
  • Click on porq###.pdf to open the PDF file.
  1. Click on Details hyperlink.
  2. Click on View Log/Trace hyperlink.
  3. Click on pop###.pdf to open the PDF file.
  1. Click on Details hyperlink.
  2. Click on View Log/Trace hyperlink.
  3. Click on pop###.pdf to open the PDF file.

Blanket POs

IDT, Eurofins, & Genewiz (Life Science Products)

Requisitions are being rolled into the new fiscal year and converted into Blanket PO's .

You must create a new Requisition to add funds for the new fiscal year (please reference your existing PO#).

Jennifer Thibeault, Procurement Assistant, will be reviewing your spend for the last two years and will email you to advise on the value of the new Requisition.

Praxair (Gas Cylinder Ordering)

As many of you are aware, we awarded the SFU research gas contract (including accessories, one-of special needs, pre-filled or empty Dewars) to Praxair after a rigorous multi-faculty RFP process.

You need to setup a Praxair Express online account by contacting:, 604-527-0710 (office), 604-313-1462 (cell).

Then you will be able to place orders and manage your account at

Based on your feedback, we have re-set the billing default so the invoices are emailed to Payment Services and cc’ to you. However, if you prefer for the invoices to be emailed to you for review and forwarding to Payment Services, then please ask Keith Alexander to modify your account.

If you’ve setup a Blanket PO, it will be rolled over into the new fiscal year. However, you must create a new Requisition to add funds (please note your existing PO# in the comments).

Praxair gas cylinder orders are delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Praxair Express website can be found here.


BC Net has advised that our contract with Praxair will have the following price increases:

  • Cylinder Gas       1.59%
  • Helium                  5%

Ordering Life Science Products

Alsco (Lab Coats)

We completed a multi-faculty RFP for rental and purchasing of lab coats and other research textiles (e.g. isolation gowns, scrub sets, towels, etc.), which resulted in an award to Alsco.

  • Each lab will be provided with an online account; enabling you to manage your inventory, track your costs, and communicate with Alsco.
  • Each coat will have a label in the collar identifying the lab.
  • It is recommended that each researcher have 3 coats (1 to wear, 1 in the wash, & 1 backup).
  • Labs have the choice of storing their coats in Science Stores or in another location of their choice.
Please create a Requisition (use the pricing information to estimate your annual spend) to obtain a Blanket PO.

For lab coat pricing, please click here:

Account Request

Complete the form, print, sign and return to Science Stores.

Science Stores is authorized to sell to SFU staff and researchers who hold Science Stores accounts. Science Stores is not able to sell to the general public.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Request

For free waste disposal of solvents, chemicals, sharps or biohazardous materials, please use the online pickup request form. Labels must be picked up from Science Stores.

Waste Disposal pick up days on the Burnaby campus are Tuesday and Friday mornings. The cut-off time for requesting disposal is 3:00 pm Monday for Tuesday pick up and 3:00pm Thursday for Friday pick up. Surrey campus pickups are every second Thursday, and Vancouver campus pickups are as needed.

If you require regular weekly pick up, please schedule using the online pickup request form.

If you purchase lecture size toxic gas cylinders, please refer to the section on Gas cylinders for important information.

Please direct questions to Catherine Peltier (

Delivery of Hazardous Chemicals

For free delivery of hazardous chemicals complete the eRequisition form.

Delivery dates are Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Ethyl Alcohol Usage Tracking

Laboratory Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) Record Sheet

Tracking of ethyl alcohol use is required under the Excise Act, 2001

SFU receives a 99% remission of excise tax on the purchases of ethyl alcohol for scientific research and/or teaching purposes. As a registered user, SFU pays only a special duty rate of $0.12 per litre of ethyl alcohol. If discrepancies occur that cannot be accounted for, a penalty could be assessed at the full excise duty rate of $11.696 per litre.

It is the responsibility of each staff member or researcher that purchases ethyl alcohol to ensure that accurate records are returned to Science Stores to meet audit requirements for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Staff and researchers must follow the guidelines outlined below when purchasing, receiving and using ethyl alcohol.

  • Complete the Science Stores Ethyl Alcohol Record Sheet at the Science Stores front counter when purchasing ethyl alcohol.
  • Take a Laboratory Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) Record Sheet for each 4 L bottle of ethanol purchased.
  • Complete the log of ethanol usage in the laboratory, and when a 4 L container is completely used, return the Record Sheet to Science Stores.
  • Science Stores will maintain the records of usage on file for current plus six years.

Download the Laboratory Ethyl Alcohol (ethanol) Record Sheet or pick one up in Science Stores.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be accessed through the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Academic Support.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Click here for general information about shipping dangerous goods.

Please note that Science Receiving will receive Dangerous Goods for the Faculty of Science, and can offer assistance in shipping.