Campus Public Safety: Video Launch

May 27, 2022

The SFU Campus Public Safety (CPS) team is committed to ensuring SFU campuses are safe and secure commnuities by providing public safety and resource protection services.

SFU is proud of the teams' commitment toward creating a safety culture on campus. From their specialized training to their passion for continuous improvement in providing the utmost care for our community, the CPS team is key component to keeping our campuses safe.

Although their broad role is to provide a safe and secure place for students, faculty and staff, more specifically this team aims to educate on the ways we can each play a role in creating safe and inclusive environments for all those who work, learn or live here.

Earlier this year, the team created a short video, which highlights a few of the many ways they show up for the community. Enjoy!

Urgent assistance is available 24/7 at all three SFU campuses

Campus Security Emergency Line 

(Urgent security/ First aid) 778.782.4500

Non-emergency Line

(Security/ Safe Walk) 778.782.7991