Four ways to prevent theft on campus

March 07, 2023

It’s unfortunate, but theft happens. Personal item theft is the number one reported crime at post-secondary institutions, including SFU. How can we work together to keep our valuable items safe? It’s actually relatively easy!

Post-secondary life is busy. Moving from lecture to lab, your car to the coffee shop or from transit to the library; university community members are always on the go so it’s easy to forget you’re carrying around thousands of dollars’ worth of gear such as laptops, phones, books, bags, headphones and your wallet.

Let’s take a few moments to remind ourselves how to keep our valuables safe even when we’re hustling around campus.

1. Don't leave valuables unattended.

Even if you're just getting up from your library desk to use the washroom, bring your items with you are ask a friend to keep watch. A laptop sitting solo on a desk or your bag left on the floor are easy targets for a thief.  

2. Report suspicious persons or activities to Campus Public Safety. 

If you see something that just feels a bit off - report it! Contact Campus Public Safety's emergency line at 778.782.4500


3. Be aware of your surroundings.

Firmly close doors when entering or exiting your office or work/learning space (similar if you were coming and going from an apartment building).

4. Personalize your electronic devices.

Personalize items with stickers or engravings. This makes them less attractive for theft as it lowers their resell value.

For more information

Assistance is available 24/7 at all three SFU campuses

  • Emergency Line (Urgent security/ First aid): 778.782.4500
  • Non-emergency Line (Security/ Safe Walk): 778.782.7991

Let's work together to keep campuses a safe space for us all!