Update: Policy GP39 - Working Alone or in Isolation

May 24, 2022

Safety and Risk Services is excited to announce the final approval of revised Policy GP39 – Working Alone or in Isolation by the SFU Board of Governors as of May 19, 2022.

SFU is committed to minimizing and mitigating safety, health and environmental risks within our community. With more community members working off-campus during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, updating this policy reflects that commitment.

GP39 has been revised to clarify the roles and responsibilities of deans, directors, chairs, supervisors, and employees. It assigns new responsibilities to the Environmental Health and Safety department. A new procedure has been developed to provide a framework for conducting a risk assessment and identifying controls to aid supervisors in meeting legislative requirements.  The current policy definitions were revised for clarity, new examples of administrative and engineering controls were provided, the definitions for office hours and worksite were removed and new definitions for check-in designate and lone worker program were added.

We appreciate those that provided feedback on the policy, along with the team that worked hard to get the revisions and final policy approved.

To review the GP39 Working Alone or in Isolation policy, including working alone or in isolation protocol templates, please visit the Environmental Health and Safety webpage here.