Apply to Science at Surrey


Studies at SFU Surrey are designed to create a smooth transition from high school to university by providing you with the opportunity to be a part of an exciting first year at an award-winning, urban campus. Studying at the Surrey campus offers you the opportunity to get involved on campus in your academic and social communities, and to engage with other students, faculty and staff on a personal level. After completing your first year at SFU Surrey, you will be prepared intellectually, academically and socially to be successful in the second, third, and fourth years of your degree.

When you apply online at and come to the point where you are asked to select your program in Science, it can be hard to decide what to choose! The below information is here help you to make a more informed decision on your application.

After you choose "Science" as your Faculty, there will be several program options for the Surrey campus which will include the following:

  • BSC Undeclared - Surrey
  • BSC Applied Math - Surrey
  • BSC Applied Physics - Surrey
  • BSC Biological Phys - Surrey
  • BSC Biological Sci - Surrey
  • BSC Biomed Physiology - Surrey
  • BSC Chemical Physics - Surrey
  • BSC Chemistry - Surrey
  • BSC Data Science - Surrey
  • BSC Earth Sciences - Surrey
  • BSC Kinesiology - Surrey
  • BSC Mathematical Phys - Surrey
  • BSC Mathematics - Surrey
  • BSC Mol Bio & Biochem - Surrey
  • BSC Ops Research - Surrey
  • BSC Physics - Surrey
  • BSC Statistics - Surrey


By choosing one of these options, you will be designated as a Surrey Science student, which will offer you many advantages including:

  • Smaller classes
  • Priority course registration
  • Curriculum tailored to your interests
  • Development of critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills
  • Strong academic and advising support
  • Social and community events & activities

Students intending to major in Mathematics can also take most of their first two years at SFU Surrey. For other majors in the Faculty of Science, such as Biomedical PhysiologyKinesiologyBiological SciencesMolecular Biology and BiochemistryData ScienceStatisticsApplied MathPhysicsChemistry, and Earth Sciences, students can take their first year at SFU Surrey, and then find the courses they need at the Burnaby campus after their first year.