Campus Safety: Knowing What to Do in an Emergency

January 03, 2024

All students, faculty and staff must be aware and familiar with campus safety and know what to do in an emergency. Together, let’s build a culture of safety and care at SFU.

What to do in an emergency

In an emergency on campus, dial 911 first. A phone is located in every classroom. When you dial 911 from a campus phone, Campus Public Safety will automatically be notified of the call location. Urgent assistance is also available 24/7 at each of our campuses by dialing 778-782-4500.

Fire and emergency safety routes are posted in all classrooms and buildings. Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and procedures so you know how to respond in an emergency.

Visit campus safety and security for more information.

Emergency Preparedness

SFU prioritizes emergency preparedness with a comprehensive plan to address crises, including active threats, evacuations, earthquakes and more, contributing to a safe and resilient campus environment. You're encouraged to create personal emergency plans and kits and get involved as volunteers or evacuation coordinators. 

Visit Emergency Preparedness to learn more.

Safe Walk

The Safe Walk program provides SFU community members with a Campus Public Safety escort to support safe travel on campus 24/7.

Call the Campus Public Safety non-emergency line at 778-782-7991 to request a Safe Walk escort by proceeding to the following locations in the following campuses:

  • Burnaby: Anywhere on campus.
  • Surrey: Nearby transit stops
  • Vancouver: Offered in a two-block radius to the nearest bus stop, or between buildings until 10:30 p.m. 

Visit Safe Walk for more information.

First Aid

For minor injuries, call Campus Public Safety, or if an injured person can walk, proceed to the nearest First Aid facility at all three campuses.

Campus Safety Guides

There are many helpful Campus Public Safety guides covering several topics such as wildlife, controlled substances, harassment, scams and fraud, theft prevention and students in distress. Please take the time to review the Campus Public Safety guides to help be a champion of safety at SFU.

Building Evacuation

Evacuation is mandatory for the safety of students, staff and faculty in case of fires, hazardous material releases, earthquakes, or other emergencies. Whenever an alarm sounds or emergency personnel instruct, evacuate immediately. Please follow the guidelines and exit through the nearest safe route. For the safety of all, please comply with these instructions. Visit Building Evacuation for more information.

Incident Reporting

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. If you encounter something concerning or witness an incident on any of our campuses (Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver), please report it to Campus Security:

  • In an emergency, call 778-782-4500.
  • For non-emergency situations, contact us at 778-782-7991.

To learn more, visit SFU Incident Reporting.

Access Control Services (keys, cards and fobs)

Access Control is open in person for staff, faculty and students without an appointment. Visit here for more information.