There are many other events that are ongoing, past, and future. Events that may be of general interest for disciplinary change and/or of interest for/regarding equity seeking groups will be listed here and below.



April 2nd, 2024 -- JEDAI Research Fair 

           For more information, please see the link about the event in the sidebar.

November 1st, 2023 (rescheduled from October 18) & Followup event on November 29th, 2023 -- In person Tea-Time conversation with SFU Psychology Department JEDAI workgroup faculty members about graduate school pathways.

For more information, please see the link about the event in the sidebar. More will be scheduled in the new year. 

September 29, 2023 -- Public Zoom Colloquium by Dr. Jude Mary Cénat  (on Sept 29) and possible small group meeting with BIPOC students/scholars (still to be scheduled). These events are being organized with the Clinical Science Area of the Department; we thank them for inviting us to work with them in organizing this event. 

 For more information, please see the link in the sidebar about the JEDAI Events with Jude Mary Cénat


Part of the work of this workgroup is to share information about events that others are organizing. We recommend reviewing information below and on the SFU Psyc IRC website -- there are many recordings of past events organized by the Dept IRC, of additional interest may be other events in September 2023 events with Mark Champley & in October with Dr. Kyle Mays .

There are many opportunities for learning and gathering that are available to us in online and inperson formats. The following sections include links and brief descriptions of some events. In the case of events that have passed, some links to videos are also available/suggested. 

Some Upcoming Events

When: January 2024
What: Conference: National Multicultural Conference and Summit


Some Recent Events And SelecT Associated Recordings

When: December, 2021
 APA Essential Science Webinar VIDEO: APA Apology to Communities of Color: Implications for the Future of Psychological Science - YouTube
Location: Online video
Workgroup and Psyc Dept engagement: The workgroup lead was (and still is) a member of APA Council, at the time of the finalization and vote for the APA Apology. If you have any questions feel free to contact the workgroup lead. 

When: 2022
Webinar: Decolonising Methods and Methodologies - Dr Linda Tuhiwai Smith - YouTube

When: June 2022
What: "Psychology's Role in Dismantling Racism" Virtual Summit: Plenary Session - YouTube
Location: 2022 EDI Virtual Summit: Plenary; Recording of session now available online
Topic: In October 2021, APA passed a trio of resolutions calling for the association to dismantle systemic racism, issuing an apology for psychology’s role in perpetuating racism and proposing to advance racial equity in three priority areas: Knowledge Production and Scholarship; Training, Pathways, and Workforce Development; and Clinical Practice and Health Equity. The association’s ongoing work toward dismantling systemic racism continues to be informed by the components of an apology outlined in The Warrior’s Path Report. APA’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Executive Office has been engaged in the next phase of work – developing an action plan, where APA will outline steps and work toward advancing racial equity. We are enlisting multiple mechanisms to garner input on and promote engagement around the implementation of the priority areas, with focused attention on members from communities of color to which the apology was intended. The 2022 EDI Virtual Summit, we will cultivate a collaborative space for engagement with stakeholders who have demonstrated a commitment to embracing EDI principles and advancing racial equity. The goal of the summit is to identify priorities and discuss strategies for the development of an association-wide Racial Equity Action Plan that will be presented to the Council of Representatives in August 2022

When: August 2022
What: The Minoritized Arab/MENA Experience in the U.S. with Germine G. Awad, PhD - YouTube
Location: APA Annual Convention 2022 -- Session recorded now Online video
Topic: Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African Americans have experiences that range from invisibility due to the lack of recognition as a minoritized ethnic group and hypervisibility due to negative media portrayals and discrimination. This talk will discuss the Arab/MENA fight for recognition as a minoritized group on the federal level and research examining how identity, acculturation, and discrimination experiences relate to mental health for Arab/MENA Americans.

When: August 2022
What: The Psychological Impact of Anti-Trans Legislation - YouTube
Location: APA Annual Convention 2022 -- Session recorded now provided as Online video
Topic: The United States is seeing an unprecedented rise in anti-trans legislation. Trans and nonbinary people already suffer disproportionately from suicidality and other mental health issues, and as the stakes for the well-being of transgender and nonbinary people continue to rise, psychologists are using their research and expertise to advocate, care for, and make the world a safer place for the trans community. From championing policies and legislation that affirm trans rights are human rights, to addressing the impact of anti-trans legislation on kids, families, providers, and teachers, to using the best available science to set standards for the care of trans people, psychologists can lead the charge in building a safe, healthy future for our trans communities.

When: August 2022
WhatSocially Responsive Sexual Healthcare for People with Disabilities with Linda R. Mona, PhD - YouTube
Location: APA Annual Convention 2022 -- Session recorded now provide online
Topic: Beyond the concrete risks of illness, isolation, mental health complications, and economic marginalization due to COVID-19, subtler harms may continue to complicate access to health care for people with disabilities, particularly with regard to sexual healthcare. This presentation will explore the unique ways in which the global pandemic has affected sexual healthcare for people with disabilities. Clinical recommendations targeting justice informed culturally competent disability sexual healthcare will be provided.

When: August 2022
What: The Future of Science on Racism - A Conversation with the Experts - YouTube
Location: APA Annual Convention 2022 -- Session recorded now provide online
Topic: Research on racism and discrimination is a major crossroads in terms of theoretical conceptualization and measurement. This is a moderated conversation with four experts about the big questions that need to be addressed to advance our understanding of psychology in solving this major societal problem. NiCole Buchanan, Michigan State University Charissa Cheah, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Eleanor Seaton, Arizona State University Gabriela Livas Stein, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Mia Smith-Bynum, PhD (moderator), American Psychological Association

When: Jan 2023
What: Webinar & resources for recent 2022 APA Guidelines for assessment and intervention with persons with disabilities: Basic clinical applications (

When: January 26, 2023
What: APA Essential Science Webinar VIDEO: The Science of Research Mentoring
Brief description: "Most psychological scientists are expected to be research mentors. But few are trained in mentoring skills, or in the science of mentoring. Join us for a discussion on best practices as a mentor, including mentoring scholars of color."

When: March 2023
What: Regional Conference: NW Regional Equity Conference
Brief Description: "aims to improve equitable, sustainable experiences and outcomes for systemically marginalized and underrepresented populations through inclusive and anti-racist strategies. This conference is geared toward educators, administrators, non-profit, governmental, and other professionals and individuals across the region who would like to broaden their social justice knowledge or remove institutional barriers for systemically underrepresented populations"

When: March 2023
What: Documentary screening and Faculty discussion forum presented by the SFU Centre for Educational Excellence
March 27th: Moving Together in the Ways of the People: Documentary Film Screening / Events - Simon Fraser University (
Location: In-Person SFU-Burnaby
Brief Description: "...short documentary film debut and faculty discussion forum. Moving Together In The Ways of The People is a documentary film that follows a dedicated group SFU educators, graduate students and staff as they endeavour to find meaningful ways to take action towards reconciliation by embarking on a sacred learning journey led by Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and Tsleil-Waututh elders and knowledge carriers on traditional, ancestral, unceded Coast Salish territories."
Workgroup and Psyc Dept engagement with event: Rachel & Undergraduate Program Chair were in attendance to learn from the host communities and about the program that the SFU educators, staff, and students participated in. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the workgroup lead.

When: March 29-31, 2023
What: Disability, Chronic Illness, and Inclusion in Academia: A student conference
Location: Zoom
Brief Description: "Disability, Chronic Illness, and Inclusion in Academia is a student conference examining the intersection of social justice and academia on issues of disability justice, chronic illness advocacy, accessibility, and intersectionality. The conference will bring researchers, advocates, educators, and New School community members at the student, staff, and faculty level together to address best practices and gaps at the intersections of our work"
Some highlights:
-Keynote Address "Infusing Disability-Affirmative Therapy (D-AT) into Clinical Training -- Dr. Rhoda Olkin
-Panel: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Disability -- Dr. Kathleen Bogart, Dr. Madeleine Brodt, Dr. Celeste Orr, and Dr. Leslie Zukor
-Town Hall: Disability, Chronic Illness, and Inclusion in Academia Town Hall
-Student Research: Disability, Chronic Illness, and Inclusion in Academia Research Blitz

When: April 2023
What: Teaching practice workshop offered by the SFU Centre for Educational Excellence
April 6th: Inclusive Teaching through Active Learning / Events - Simon Fraser University (; Speakers: Dr. Kelly Hogan and Dr. Viji Sathy
Location: In-person, SFU-Burnaby
Workgroup and Psyc Dept engagement with the event: Rachel, two students from the Dept, and a limited term faculty member attended the event. Although the event was not recorded, a separate talk given by Dr. Sathy in March 2022 at UBC, entitled: Cultivating Inclusive Experiences In Our Classrooms, Curriculum, and on Our Campuses, is available for viewing: Colloquium with Dr. Viji Sathy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - UBC Department of Psychology. If you are interested in discussing the video by Dr. Sathy and/or some of what was shared at the workshop, please feel free to contact the JEDAI workgroup. Please note Dr. Sathy and Dr. Hogan also have a new publication on inclusive teaching practices which you may be interested in: Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom : Hogan, Kelly A., Sathy, Viji: Books

When: April 7th is the APPLICATION DEADLINE for set of Zoom sesssions May-July 2023
What: 3rd Summer Session in Gender/Sex/uality In/Justice: The Body and the Double Bind: Sex/ual/ized Stigmatization, Oppression, & Resistance
Details and related resources provided at: van Anders lab (
Brief Description: "In this summer session theme “The Body and the Double Bind”, we center the body as both a corporeal and socially constructed site in the experience of gender/sex/uality in/justice. Participants will explore the roles that body size, gender presentation, race/ethnicity, disability, and intersections of these play in sexual life, with particular attention to experiences of sex/ual/ized stigmatization, oppression, and resistance. Through readings, videos, reflection, and discussion, session attendees will critically examine the double-binds produced by both the processes of stigmatization and the experiences of oppression. These double-binds consist of paradoxical social norms, contexts, and structures that seek to limit resistance and maintain oppressive systems and their social hierarchies. These double binds are both documented by and, in many cases, replicated within dominant approaches to sexuality and gender research. Research approaches that uncritically accept the double binds of stigmatization and oppression serve to further marginalize subjugated groups by excluding their full lived experiences and reinforcing narratives that attempt to strip them of agency and power. To challenge these dynamics within our own practices, the summer session will assist participants in recognizing, identifying, and centering strategies of sex/ual/ized resistance, through which subjugated peoples seek to survive, mitigate, end, or transform the harms they have experienced."

When: April 19th, 2023
What: APA Dialogue: Psychological Science Explains Why Some Feel Threatened by Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives
Format: Zoom Webinar
Brief Description: "Learn more about how psychological science can help us understand polarizing debates about free speech, academic freedom, diversity, equity, and inclusion–and how we can use our science to address it. Join us April 19 for an Essential Science Conversation on the relevant research and a discussion on action steps. Register here. "
Workgoup and Psyc Dept engagement with the event: If you missed the event, the video is available at: Psychological Science Explains Why Some Feel Threatened by Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives - YouTube. Feel free to contact the JEDAI workgroup if you wish to discuss what you saw.

When: March 2023
What: Indigenous Roots of Psychology and the Challenge of Decolonizing the Discipline: Indian Experience - YouTube
Part of the Confronting Coloniality in Indian Psychology and Psychology in India Speakers Series. Title: Indigenous Roots of Psychology and the Challenge of Decolonizing the Discipline: The Indian Experience Abstract Psychology as a modern discipline was introduced in the Indian system of higher education during the British colonial regime. Its educational policy systematically marginalized the Indian traditions of knowledge and cultural processes from the mainstream academic world. Until recently these two co existing traditions of psychological knowledge remained in isolation and a scheme of decontextualized psychology was practiced, nurtured and maintained. The lack of cultural relevance, however, has drastically curtailed the potential of Indian psychological research and practice for problem solving and theoretical innovation. The growing discomfort and self-realization has led to reorientation of the discipline. It is increasingly realized that culture needs to be treated as an integral component in theorization as well as methodology to augment psychology’s potential for authentic understanding, application and impact. The necessary paradigm shift for true swaraj (self-rule) in ideas however, still has a long way to go.

What: Events and Symposium offered by the SFU Centre for Educational Excellence
May 15th: Symposium: Belonging and Inclusion in our Classrooms / Events - Simon Fraser University

When: May 25 2023
What: Bias, Fairness, and Validity in Graduate-School Admissions: A Psychometric Perspective
Speaker: Dr. James LeBreton
Format: Zoom Webinar; recorded with recording available at: Bias, Fairness, and Validity in Graduate-School Admissions: A Psychometric Perspective - YouTube
Registration required: at:
Brief description:" As many schools and departments are considering the removal of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) from their graduate-school admission processes to enhance equity and diversity in higher education, controversies arise. This talk is based on an article I published with my colleagues (Woo, LeBreton, Keith, & Tay, 2023). In this talk, we adopt a psychometric perspective as our lens for reviewing these important issues.  From our perspective, we see a critical need for clarifying the meanings of measurement “bias” and “fairness” in order to create common ground for constructive discussions within the field of psychology, higher education, and beyond.  We critically evaluate six major sources of information that are widely used to guide graduate-school admissions decisions: grade point average, personal statements, resumes/curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, interviews, and GRE. We review empirical research evidence available to date on the validity, bias, and fairness issues associated with each of these admission measures and identify potential issues that have been overlooked in the literature. We conclude by suggesting several directions for practical steps to improve the current admissions decisions and highlighting areas in which future research is needed."
Note: The ideas expressed by these presenters may be seen as controversial by some individuals and confronting in some ways. The UBC Counselling Psychology Program supports the free exchange of ideas and respectful open debate, consistent with the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists, 4th edition (2017) standards I.1, III.8, and III. 21, and consistent with the Code of Ethics of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (2020) standard A7. The ideas expressed by the speakers are their own and no endorsement by the UBC Counselling Psychology Program of their views is offered or implied.
Relevant reading: Bias, Fairness, and Validity in Graduate-School Admissions: A Psychometric Perspective (

When: June 1st, 2023
What: Indigenous Research Methods in Action - YouTube
Speaker: Alanaise Ferguson
Part of UBC's Cross-Cultural/Multicultural Counselling Speaker Series

When: June 7th, 2023
What: Queer, Trans, and Iranian American: A Pride Month Conversation with Dr. shawndeez and Dr. Shadee Abdi
Format: Zoom
Brief Description: "Dr. Persis Karim will be in conversation with these two scholar/writers about the perceptions, joys, and challenges of being queer and trans in the Iranian diaspora community. Our conversation will include Dr. shawndeez (they/them) who received their doctorate in UCLA’s Department of Gender Studies. As a Gender Studies Instructor, they taught courses on Trans Magic, Queer & Trans Muslim Feminisms, and QTPoC Resistances. Their dissertation research explored how queer and trans Iranian Americans engage with the spiritual as a form of resilience, healing, and possibility. shawndeez is also the founder and editor of khejalat, a digital zine created by and for the queer and trans Iranian diasporic community. They are now a full-time public speaker, spiritual guide, and workshop facilitator, offering spiritually-conscious spaces for queer/trans people to lean into their joys."

When: June 8, 2023
What: The Complex Art of Counselling Black People: Understanding their History and Trauma - YouTube
Recording provided by Dr. Bedi's Research, Teaching and Service Lab
Speaker: Kafui Sawyer, MA,  is a Registered Psychotherapist and a Trauma Consultant for Health Canada. She is the Clinical Director for Joy Health and Research Centre. She is also the Founding Chair of the Black Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association. Service Lab at the University of British Columbia.

When: June 12, 2023
What: Aversive Racism: Exploring its Relevance in Mental Health Care for Muslim Women - YouTube
Part of the cross-cultural/multicultural counselling speakers series for Dr. Bedi's Reseach, Teaching and Service Lab at the University of British Columbia.

When: July 2023
What: Workshop: Emerge -- A disability studies workshop cohort at Longmore Instititute


Some APA Videos some may find of interest

In the words of 2023 APA President Dr. Therma Bryant,

"    This year we have a new series of webinars.  I hope you will check them out and share them with colleagues.  In February, we released one on Black History Month.  In March, we had Women's History Month.  This month we have Arab American Heritage Month.  Below are the links.
     For the rest of year, you can look forward to Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Disability Pride Month, Jewish American Heritage Celebration, Latino Heritage Month, and Native American Heritage Month.   
    Thank you for your support in viewing and sharing." (email of April 3, 2023)

In addition to the videos in the "Celebrating.... Month" series, APA produces a variety of other videos that may be of interest and relevant to JEDAI principles in psychology.