Can I meet with an advisor for general advice on the graduate programs in Psychology at SFU?

Due to the large number of inquiries, unfortunately we are unable to schedule individual appointments with potential applicants. Detailed application information is available on our website, including this FAQ page.

Can I meet with an advisor to review my application and transcripts prior to submitting my application for graduate studies?

Unfortunately, we are unable to review individual students’ application package prior to the application submission deadline.

What are the admission requirements for the graduate programs in SFU Psychology?

Students admitted to our graduate programs are expected to have Psychology Honours degree or a Psychology Major with strong research experience. Detailed application information is available here

I do not have a Psychology Honours or a Psychology Major degree. Is there a list of pre-requisite psychology courses that I could take prior to applying to the program?

There are no specific undergraduate course prerequisites for being considered but that a BA or BSc in Psychology (preferably Honours) is a minimal requirement. Experience in a research lab is also highly recommended.

Is my professional work experience taken into consideration?

As we are a research-based program, work experience does not weigh that heavily in our decisions. Your work experience will not prepare you for the rigours of our graduate program.  

Can I enrol if my CGPA is below 3.0?

The University minimum CGPA requirement is 3.0 to apply to graduate school at SFU. Students admitted to our graduate programs are typically significantly higher (3.5 or above/4.33). While applicants generally have CGPA of 3.5 minimum, the average accepted applicant to our clinical program has about 3.9 (based on a 4.33 scale).  Our programs are competitive - the Clinical Psychology Program admission statistics can be found here.

How can I increase my CGPA?

Students with an undergraduate degree with a Major or Honours in Psychology could consider the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma.

Students with an undergraduate degree with a Major in another discipline could consider a second degree.

How can I strengthen my application? 

Applicants may want to consult with a professor or academic advisor at their own university for advice on the application process, strategy, and selection of career directions (clinical psychology vs. social work, counselling, etc.).

Can I enroll in your graduate courses as a non-degree student?

Unfortunately, our classes are only open to students enrolled in our Masters/PhD program, or those who can register as per the Canadian Western Dean's agreement

Is my degree from a US or International institution acceptable?

To ensure that SFU will recognize your undergraduate degree from a US or International university, please see the admission requirements (by country) on the Dean of Graduate Studies website.

Would my 3-year undergraduate degree in psychology be equivalent to a 4-year degree?

Typically, a 3-year degree from India is normally not considered equivalent to a 4-year degree. It is possible that your 3-year bachelors would be sufficient to warrant consideration of your application, and we cannot advise you regarding any other educational avenues you may pursue (post-grad diplomas, etc.) and whether they will influence the consideration of your application, but you are welcome to apply.

I have a master's degree from another institution. Can I apply directly to the PhD program?

We sometimes accept students into our PhD program who have completed a comparable Psychology master's program elsewhere (e.g., an MA that included a thesis in Psychology that was defended); admission to the PhD program is contingent that the student has successfully and publicly defended their MA thesis.

Can I complete only the master's program?

Our graduate programs are oriented toward a PhD degree. Those seeking only a master's degree are discouraged from applying.  

Is the MA/PhD a combined program?

The MA Psychology program is foundational to the PhD level (sequential training/knowledge acquisition). It is not a combined MA/PhD program - students apply or transfer to the PhD program after completing the MA.

Can I apply to more than one psychology graduate program or area of study? 

We encourage you to apply to the program that best fits your future goals to give you the best chances of being admitted.

Are your psychology graduate programs offered online? 

No, our graduate programs are not offered through distance education or online.

How many letters of reference do I need? 

A minimum of three letters of reference from academic referees are required for admission to our graduate programs. It is best that the referees chosen can best speak to your abilities as they relate to an academic program which is why academic references are encouraged.  

Can I upload my application materials after the application deadline? 

Applicants are responsible for uploading their application materials by the application deadline. Referees should upload their letter of reference by the deadline as well. Late or incomplete applications are not considered for admission.

What are the tuition and ancillary fees? 

Our students must register each term of their graduate program (3 terms per year) and pay the full-time fee (see https://www.sfu.ca/gradstudies/apply/tuition-and-fees/tuition-types.html). Additional charges each term are: Graduate Student Activity Fee, Student Services and Recreation-Athletics Fee, and a U-Pass fee.

Should I indicate specific faculty who I would like to work with on my application? 

You should indicate at least one faculty member from the Program and Area that you are interested in on your application, but it is possible to be co-supervised by a faculty outside your area or to have them on your supervisory committee as a committee member.

Can I contact a potential supervisor?

You are welcome to contact potential supervisors directly. Faculty research interests are available on our website. Please ensure that the faculty is accepting students. However, you are not required to contact potential supervisors prior to applying to our graduate programs.

How long does it take to complete the Psychology Graduate program? 

Students are expected to complete the master's program in two years and PhD takes about 3-4 years. Additional requirements for tracks in Clinical-Forensic, Clinical-Child and Clinical-Neuropsychology take another 1-2 years.