The Department recognizes and has as a the major priorty of continued work toward Indigenous Reconciliation. Because of this, the Department has chosen to have an IRC committee as well as an EDI, which we call JEDIA-DR. The Department IRC website has a separate website which you may wish to refer to with more specific materials as pertains to events resources towards (re)conciliaCtion. Prior to the formation of the JEDIA-DR committee, all of the resources towards EDI, Decolonization, and Reconciliaton in general were on that website. Now having a separate committee, we have moved some of those references here and are building further. So please, do not just look at the pages on this website, please look to the pages and materials on the IRC website.

We hope you find these materials of interest and of value. 


Examples of edi work and resources from other universities

resources for inclusive teaching

Materials to support teaching and structural change in psychology: General resourses that may be of interest with regard to considerations of equity/diversity/inclusion/justitice/decolonizing psychology, curriculum, and syllabi:

intersectionality in disciplinary practice

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Books and articles

professional organizations