Deb Connolly, Chair of Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is the largest academic unit in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.  At the undergraduate level, the Department offers the B.A. and Honours B.A. in Psychology, as well as a joint major, minor and extended minor in Psychology for students pursuing a degree in another discipline.  At the graduate level we offer both an M.A. and a Ph.D. degree in our six core areas of Psychology as well as the professional Ph.D. training program in Clinical Psychology.

All of our programs permit students to obtain in-depth training in theory and quantitative methods as well as opportunities to take courses in a wide range of areas of specialization.  We identify Cognitive & Neural Science, Developmental Psychology, Law & Forensic Psychology, Social Psychology (including Personality), History, Quantitative & Theoretical Psychology, and Clinical Science as the six focus areas in both our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.  Our undergraduate and graduate studies webpages provide descriptions of these programs.

The Department considers itself to be research intensive.  Its members place high value on research activities and consider research to be an important component in their teaching activities.  As a result, students at both undergraduate and graduate levels have myriad opportunities to work closely with faculty on research projects.  The research produced by members of the Department examines psychological issues at multiple levels of analysis; from the neuronal level to the broad societal context.  Much of the work is applied to mental and physical health issues for optimizing human development.  Our members are supported by all the major research funding agencies in Canada with several faculty members receiving significant international support.

The News & Events items will provide an overview of our various colloquia, thesis defenses and other Department activities.  For more detailed information about the laboratories and research activities of our members, you should explore their individual webpages found in the Labs section.

I hope you find the information at this site useful and interesting.  Please feel free to send me any comments you may have about our website.

Deb Connolly