Scholarships and Awards

We recommend students to apply for both internal and external scholarships and awards. Students can find more information about scholarships and awards that are applicable to psychology graduate students at Internal + Donor Funded Awards and Awards + Funding.

Current students have applied and been awarded the following scholarships and awards:

Graduate Fellowship

Arthur and Ancie Fouks Graduate Entrance Award in Public Service

Bert Henry Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship

Kruger Products Bicultural Graduate Entrance Fellowship

Simons Foundation Doctoral Entrance Fellowship

Alexis Unrau Memorial Graduate Award in Law and Forensic Psychology

IODE Seaman Morley Scott Memorial Graduate Scholarship

Laurine Harrison Graduate Thesis Award

Marilyn Bowman Graduate Scholarship in Psychology

Michael Stevenson Graduate Scholarship

Annie and Leon Josefowicz Memorial Award

Knud George Pedersen International Graduate Students Fund Endowment

M.D. Angus & Associates Graduate Fellowship in Psychology

Robert Russell Family/First Nations Graduate Award

William & Ada Isabelle Steel Memorial Graduate Scholarship

Please note that current graduate psychology students will be informed as soon as possible by the graduate program assistant when the awards noted above are accepting applications.

In addition, students applied and have been awarded the external tri-agency awards Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's Program and Canada Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral Program (SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC, Vanier).

If you have any questions about the Department's internal award (e.g., donored funded awards, Graduate Fellowships, etc.) deadlines and requirements, please contact Kathy Nguyen, Graduate Program Assistant, at