Application Deadline June 1st, 2024

Program Overview

The two-semester honours program will provide you with the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on original research. You will gain valuable research training by planning, conducting, and presenting research, and guidance about applying to graduate school. In the honours seminar, you will be exposed to a wide range of research being conducted by fellow cohort members. This experience will connect you to likeminded students and prepare you for graduate programs.

How to Apply

To apply to the Honours program, complete the application requirements below and submit the application form to the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor (psycadvs@sfu.ca) by June 1.

1. Completion of 75 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 3.33.

2. Completion of 15 SFU Psychology credits with a minimum CGPA of 3.0.

3. Completion of
    • PSYC 100, 102, 201 (with a minimum grade of C), and 210
    • One course from Group A: PSYC 221, 280
    • One course from Group B: PSYC 241, 250, 260, 268, 270
    • One additional course from Group A or Group B

4. Completion of PSYC 300 and 301 with a minimum grade of B. If the applicant has not completed PSYC 300 or 301 by the application deadline, the following additional requirements must be met:

    • The applicant must submit a letter from their primary supervisor acknowledging:
        a) that the student will complete PSYC 300 or PSYC 301 in the Summer or Fall term;
        b) that the student will be withdrawn from the Honours Program if the student fails to achieve a minimum grade of B in PSYC 301/PSYC 300; and
        c) that they agree to supervise the student under these conditions

    • Have an UDGPA of at least 3.67
    • Enroll in PSYC 301 in the Summer term or the Fall term concurrent with PSYC 490/ PSYC 457

5. Submission of the Honours Program Application form, with approval and signature of a Psychology faculty member willing to supervise the Honours Project. 

6. Submission of a brief outline of their planned project (1/2 page maximum, single spaced). It should describe the area of study with a few key references, the question students plan to address and a brief description of the methods and data analytic plan.

7. Submission of the Tri-Council Ethics Certificate or the Animal Care Services training (depending on the nature of your project). 

Program Forms & Info

Upon admission into the Psychology Honours program, please refer to the forms below for information regarding continuation in the Honours program, Honours Defence Form, and Honours project guidelines. Students can also refer to the PSYC Grad School 101 event linked below for information regarding PSYC Graduate school.