Ralph Mistlberger

Professor | Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

Areas of interest

Cognitive & Neural Sciences

Research Interests

Neural mechanisms and functions of circadian rhythms and sleep, shiftwork adaptation. 

Selected Publications

Mistlberger RE, Antle MC, Webb IC, Jones M, Weinberg J, Pollock MS. Circadian clock resetting by arousal: The role of stress and activity. American Journal of Physiology. 285(4):R917-25, 2003.

Mistlberger RE, Skene DJ. Social influences on circadian rhythms in man and animal. In preparation for Biological Reviews. 79(3):1-23, 2004.

Mistlberger RE, Rusak B. Circadian rhythms in mammals: Formal properties and environmental influences. In: Principles and Practise of Sleep Medicine, Fourth Edition, MH Kryger, T Roth, WC Dement (eds), W. B. Saunders Co: Philadelphia, 2004.