Rachel Fouladi

Associate Professor | Area Coordinator - History, Quantitative & Theoretical

Areas of interest

History, Quantitative & Theoretical (primary), Clinical Sciences

Research Interests

Multivariate statistics, analysis of correlation and covariance structures, robustness, small sample characteristics, simulation; modelling phenomena in the behavioral, social, and health sciences, especially the modelling of emotional and physical function. 

Selected Publications

Jenkins, R., Schover, L. R., Fouladi, R. T., Warneke, C., Neese, L., Klein, E. A., Zippe, C., & Kupelian, P. (2004). Sexuality and health-related quality of life after prostate cancer in african-american and white men treated for localized disease. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 30(2), 79-93.

Shieh, Y. Y., & Fouladi, R. T. (2003). The effect of multi-collinearity on multilevel modeling parameter estimates and standard errors. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 63, 951-985.

Wetter, D. W., Kenford, S. L., Welsch, S. K., Smith, S. S., Fouladi, R. T., Fiore, M. C., &
Baker, T. B. (2004). Prevalence and predictors of transitions in smoking behavior among college students. Health Psychology, 23(2), 168-177.