Registrar and Information Services

We are here to provide current and prospective Undergraduate students with vital information. We also help with navigating the Student Information System (goSFU). We require a physical ID card for all in-person interactions, either an SFU ID card or a piece of government-issued photo ID.


Things we can help with


You can reach us in-person at all three campuses, by phone, via email, or through instant message over LiveHelp during our office hours.

Phone: 778 782 6930

See hours of operation for:

Information for:

Prospective Student

Interested in applying for admisison to SFU?
Visit our FAQs page for more information if you have not yet applied.

Current Applicant

Already applied for admission to SFU?
Visit our Admission FAQs page for more information if you have any questions.

Current Undergraduate Students

ID Cards

I am a new student, how do I get an SFU ID Card?

Please visit our Getting your Card website for more information.  You can visit our Registrar and Information Services office at any campus.

How do I replace a lost/stolen SFU ID Card?

Please visit a Replacing and maintaining your card website for more information. You can visit our Registrar and Information Services office at any campus.

 Where do I use my ID Card?  Can I add funds to the ID Card?

Please visit our Using your card and adding funds website for more information.

I’ve changed my legal name. Can I get a new ID Card?

Once you have changed your name legally through the government, you can change your legal name on your SFU records.

To change your legal name, please use the Student Name Change Application and submit this form and supporting documents to or visit a Registrar and Information Services office with your documents.

The replacement card fee will be waived for students who provide proof of legal name change.

Can I get an ID Card showing my Preferred Name?

Yes – please add your Preferred Name to your goSFU Account under Personal Information. You can then visit our Legal and Preferred Name Change website for more information. The replacement card fee will be waived for those requesting their first ID Card following a Preferred Name Change.


When can I enrol in courses for Fall?

You will receive your enrolment appointment date and time — letting you know the first time you can enrol — in an email in late June.

  1. Sign in at goSFU with your computing ID and password.
  2. Either look at Account Inquiry in the main window (the "Student Center" or click on Self Service in the top drop-down menu and go to "Campus Finances" to check if your "Overall Balance" is -$250. That shows that the $250 has been paid, which will allow you to enrol.
  3. Check your Enrolment Appointment time, either in the Enrolment Dates box on the right side of the screen or under Enrolment.

Visit our New Undergraduates Welcome website for more information.

Can your office enrol/waitlist/edit/swap/drop me?

Unfortunately, our office does not have the authority to enrol, waitlist, edit, swap, or drop students. Please use goSFU or mySchedule to make changes to your course enrolment. Instructions on how to enrol.

Why don’t I have the option to add classes?

You may not be able to enrol in classes if:

  • You are signed in to goSFU with your SFU student number. Make sure you are signing in to goSFU with your computing ID.
  • You were absent from the University for three or more consecutive terms. You may have to apply for reactivation or readmission to reinstate your student status. See if you are eligible for reactivation or readmission.
  • You have a hold on your goSFU account. Check if you have any holds in your Student Centre by navigating to:
    Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Holds.

Why can’t I get into a specific class?

You may not be able to get into a specific class if:

There are X number of seats available in the course, why am I still #1 on the waitlist?

You may be unable to move from the waitlist into the class if:

  • The class has a tutorial section that is in a different waitlist position. You will be enrolled into both the lecture and tutorial section once there is an available seat in both sections. You can check your waitlist position in the Student Centre by locating the “Enrolment Activity” page in the drop-down menu of the Academics section.
  • There is a time conflict between the waitlisted class and another enrolled class. Note that midterm dates and times can contribute to the time conflict.
  • Available seats are reserved for students in specific programs. Generally, reserved seats are released during open enrolment; however, depending on the department, reserved seats may never become available to other students.
  • You may have already enrolled in the maximum number of allowable units for the term. Check the maximum course load for your faculty.

How do I get into a course if it is reserved but I need to take it?

You will need to speak with the corresponding Departmental Advisor for the course to get permission or wait until the open enrolment period.

Official Transcripts

How can I request an official transcript?

Please visit our Request a Transcript site for information on how to order a transcript online, in person or by fax/mail.

I’ve ordered a transcript, how will I know it has been delivered?

Only transcripts sent by priority delivery come with tracking numbers. The tracking information is sent to you by email once the transcript has been mailed.

If you did not select priority delivery when ordering your transcript, you will need to check if it has been received by the receiving institution.

Can someone pick up my transcript on my behalf?

You can designate a third party to pick up your transcript by adding a Privacy Service Indicator in your Student Center. 

You must complete the Comments section, for example: “I authorize Jane Doe to pick up transcripts on my behalf.”

Name Change

How do I change my legal name at SFU? Where does this name appear?

Once you have changed your name legally through the government, you can change your legal name on your SFU records.

To change your legal name, please use the Student Name Change Application and submit this form and your supporting documents to

Your legal name appears on official university documents:

  • Official university transcripts
  • Reports to government
  • Letters of attestation
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Tuition fee invoices and/or receipts

How do I change my preferred name at SFU? Where does this name appear?

You can add your Preferred Name to your goSFU Account under Personal Information.

The preferred first name will appear in parenthesis on the following unofficial internal university documents:

  • Class lists
  • Student advising transcripts

When you change only your preferred name, your legal name may still show up on your academic transcript, degree parchment, and other documentation.

If you need an ID Card showing your Preferred Name, please visit our Legal and Preferred Name Change website for more information.


Can I get a form completed/signed/stamped by your office?

Yes, we complete the following forms for students:

Confirmation of Enrolment Letters

How do I get a Confirmation of Enrolment letter?

Please see our Request a Confirmation of Enrolment website for detailed instructions.

My projected completion date doesn’t match when I expect to finish my degree; what should I do?

Please meet with your department advisor and/or Co-op advisor to request a program extension. You can view detailed instructions under the FAQs on our Request a Confirmation of Enrolment website.

I need more information on my confirmation of enrolment letter than what I can download myself.  How do I get a custom letter?

Please submit a Confirmation of Enrolment application and clearly indicate what you need. SFU staff will contact you to confirm your situation and make arrangements to get you the documents you need. You may turn in the form to the Registrar and Information Services office.

Paper requests may be submitted via fax, by mail or in person to any Registrar and Information Services office. Please allow 2–3 business days for processing these letters.

For general inquiries/status updates regarding letter requests, please contact the campus where the form was turned in.

How do I confirm my enrolment to obtain funds from my RESP?

Currently, the following RESP providers will accept the SFU Confirmation of Enrolment Letter generated from your student account:


Can I opt-out of any of the fees, such as U-Pass, Student Activity or Student Services and Recreation-Athletics Fees?

Simon Fraser University assesses the supplementary fees to all eligible students in each term of enrolment. If you are seeing these fees on your Student Account, then you meet the criteria of an “eligible student.”  

I’m not planning to use the U-Pass, can I opt out of it?

The U-Pass BC program is a partnership between BC post-secondary institutions, their student societies, TransLink, and the Province of British Columbia. SFU's U-Pass BC Program is a mandatory program for all members of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) and all members of the Graduate Student Society (GSS).

Exemptions from the U-Pass BC program may be considered under specific criteria, as outlined on our U-Pass BC eligibility website.  You must apply before the exemption deadline to be considered.

I already have health and dental insurance. How do I opt out of the SFU health and dental plan?

Opt-out deadlines and change of coverage deadlines for the Health and Dental Plan are published at

You can opt out if you provide proof to of equivalent coverage. If you do not opt out you will owe the plan fee as charged.

Opting out must be done every year even if you have opted out before. If you provided proof of coverage to in a previous year, you can log in to within the Change of Coverage period and indicate that you still want to opt out.

How can I pay my fees?

Please visit our How to pay your fees website for detailed information.

I’ve added my direct deposit information to my GOSFU account, but I can't figure out how to pay online.

Direct deposit is for SFU to refund money directly to your bank account. Tuition cannot be paid through our website.

To pay by internet banking:

  • Set up Simon Fraser University as a Bill Payee on your account (see financial institution)
  • Use your SFU student number as the account / invoice / billing number

(Note: some banking institutions look for a 10 digit number for the student/billing number. In this case, add a zero to the beginning of your student number.)

Can I pay my fees by credit card?

Credit Cards cannot be used to pay tuition.  However Visa and MasterCard are accepted for some fees. See list of fees.

How do I print an official receipt or account summary?

Please see how to check your balance for detailed instruction on printing a Student Account Summary.

How can I access my T2202 or T4A?

T2202 and T4A tax forms will be available in late February each year. You can download your form by logging into goSFU. For more information, please see Tax Information page.

If you were also an employee of SFU, please visit myINFO to obtain your T4/T4A tax forms or contact

goSFU Access

How do I set up and activate my SFU Computing ID and SFU email?

In order to enrol into courses, you must have an active computing ID. 

After you accept your offer of admission and pay your admission deposit, an email will be sent to your non-SFU email address with the subject line "Your SFU Computing ID is Available." Instructions on how to activate your computing ID can be found in that email. 

Computing IDs for new students are normally only ready to activate after you have received this email.

More information on computing IDs can be found on our IT Services website.

Are you able to reset my goSFU password?

If you forgot your password, please select the "forgot your password?" link near the bottom of the sign-in page.

If you need further assistance resetting that password, you will need to connect with IT Services, either by calling 778.782.8888, or by sending an email to

I have forgotten my SFU Computing ID, can you help me find it?

Please use the following link to look up your SFU computing ID:

Graduate Students (Current, Prospective, Alumni)

Official Transcripts

Please visit our Request a Transcript site for information on how to order a transcript online, in person or by fax/mail.

Prospective Graduate Students:
Where can I find more information about SFU?

For more information about our Graduate Programs, applying, and tuition and fees, please visit our Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.   

View a list of Graduate Programs offered at SFU. For further information about a specific program, contact the program or academic unit directly using the information on the program page.

See information about awards and funding.

For further information not covered above, contact Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Student Number

I have forgotten my SFU Student Number, can you help me find it?

If you have forgotten your SFU student number, please complete the form at the link below. Alumni Services staff will verify your information and email you with your student number within three business days.

NOTE:  This form is for people who have graduated from SFU and are alumni.

Reactivate my Student Account

How so I reactivate my student account?

You may be eligible to reactivate your student account if you meet the criteria outlined in the SFU Calendar.

Alternatively, you can apply for readmission to the University.  See Application deadlines for each term.

Official Transcripts

I graduated prior to 2009, how do I order a transcript?

If you graduated prior to 2009, then you should take the following steps to regain access to your goSFU account to order your transcripts online:

  1. Reactivate your computing ID
  2. Register for the Alumni Email Forwarding service:
  3. Log in to goSFU (make sure to use the red Sign-In button underneath the "Students, Faculty and Staff" heading, using your computing ID in the username field).
  4. From the main Student Center page on goSFU, look for the "other academic..." drop-down menu. Click on that menu, select "Transcript: Official" and click on the blue "go" button to proceed to the next page where you can input the details of your transcript order.

If you continue to have issues accessing goSFU to order official transcripts, we may be able to produce the transcript for you if you order it by fax or mail, though this method will increase the processing time. Please find instructions on how to order your transcript via fax or mail on our Request a transcript page underneath the "How to Order".

I graduated after 2009, how do I order a transcript?

Access the online Official Transcript Request page through goSFU using your Computing ID and password.

To order in person or by fax or mail see our Request a transcript page underneath the "How to Order".