Competition rules

Competition eligibility

Teams can consist of 1-5 students, the majority of which must be enrolled at Simon Fraser University.

Each person on the team must be an integral part of the proposed project and must intend to participate fully in its implementation.

  • If the team has only one member, they must be enrolled in a program at SFU.
  • If the team has two members, at least one must be enrolled in a program at SFU and must be designated as the team leader. 
  • If the team has three members, at least two—including the team leader— must be enrolled in a program at SFU.  
  • If the team has four members, at least two—including the team leader— must be enrolled in a program at SFU.  
  • If the team has five members, at least three—including the team leader— must be enrolled in a program at SFU.  


Applications are often sent to outside experts for assessment. While the evaluators are asked to keep their findings in confidence, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE CONFIDENTIALITY.

Therefore, if this is of concern to you, please wait until your idea is protected by a patent before entering the competition.

  • The university shall not return such material or any portion thereof to the nominee or the nominators;
  • The university may make such disclosure of the names of nominees and of the idea disclosed in such material as the university considers appropriate;
  • In the case of award-winning nominees, the university may also utilize photos, award videos and additional information as it deems appropriate; and,
  • No claim shall be made and no action shall be brought against the university, its board of governors, directors, faculty, employees or members of the selection committee arising out of the use made of such material or of any such disclosure.

The nominee agrees that disclosure of material submitted with, or in support of, his/her nomination does not breach the terms of any contract of employment or any other contract, and that he/she is entitled to make use of the material.

A press release about each award winner may be issued.

Conditions of participation

By participating, entrants agree to the decisions of the Contest Producer, which shall be final and binding in all respects for all aspects of this promotion. BY ENTERING, ALL CONTESTANTS RELEASE AND AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS SURREY CC PROPERTIES INC. AND BLACKWOOD PARTNERS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION, ANY COMPANY AFFILIATED WITH BLACKWOOD PARTNERS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION, ANY RETAILER OR AGENCY OPERATING IN THE CENTRAL CITY AND ANY OF THE RESPECTIVE DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS OF ALL SUCH PARTIES (COLLECTIVELY, THE “RELEASED PARTIES”) FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY INJURIES, DAMAGES TO PERSONS (INCLUDING DEATH), DAMAGES TO PERSONAL PROPERTY OR ANY OTHER LOSS WHATSOEVER (COLLECTIVELY “LOSSES”) CAUSED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, BY THE CONTESTANT’S PARTICIPATION IN THE CONTEST, including but not limited to Losses arising from: (a) the contestant’s acceptance, use or misuse of any award received in the contest; (b) any act or omission made by any Released Party, third party (including any other Contestant) or the contestant himself / herself; (c) any latent or apparent defect or condition in any equipment used in the contest; (d) any previous medical condition of the contestant; (e) the administration of any first-aid, medical or emergency treatment or other services rendered to the contestant; and/or (f) the consumption of food or drink by the contestant.

The contest winner will be required to sign a Declaration of Eligibility, Liability and Publicity Release (the “Declaration and Release”), confirming compliance with the Official Contest Rules & Regulations and acceptance of the award, and allowing the publication of the name and photo of the Contest winner. This Declaration and Release will be sent out to the potential winner. Failure to comply with these rules may cause the award to be forfeited. Failure to sign and return the Declaration and Release or to comply with any term or condition of these Rules may, at the sole discretion of Central City and Simon Fraser University, result in a winner’s disqualification, the forfeiture of his or her interest in the award, and the allocation of the award to an alternate winner.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: The Contest Producer reserves the right to make additions to and/or deletions from the entry process described above, including, but not limited to changing the entry requirements, dates and/or times. The Contest Producer’s decision regarding the selection of contestants and any other matter relating to the conduct of this contest is final and not subject to challenge or appeal. WINNERS, BY ACCEPTANCE OF ANY AWARD, HEREBY GRANT (EXCEPT WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW) PERMISSION TO THE CONTEST PRODUCER TO IDENTIFY THE WINNER’S NAME, PHOTOGRAPH AND LIKENESS AS PART OF ANY PROMOTION FOR THE CONTEST IN PERPETUITY, WITHOUT COMPENSATION IN ANY FORM, IN ANY AND ALL MEDIA NOW KNOWN OR HEREAFTER DEVISED.

Competition winners will be given a period of 2 weeks from the date of being designated a winner in which to indicate acceptance of the award and to comply with any information requests necessary to facilitate the payment of funds. Failure to indicate acceptance or to comply with information requests within this time frame will result in the forfeiture of the award unless additional arrangements are made with SFU’s Office of Community Engagement.

As a condition of accepting and receiving the funding, you are required to provide us with a report of the results and impact of your initiative, including a high-level summary of how the funds were disbursed within one year of winning an award, unless otherwise agreed. You are also required to write a reflective piece about your experiences, which will be edited (in collaboration with you) and then published on SFU websites by the SFU Office of Community Engagement.

Information to be included in your report

  • The title of your project
  • A description of the project
  • A description of the main objectives, issues and/or community interests it addresses
  • A list of key people, organizations and/or departments associated with your project
  • The results and impact of your project, in your words and in the words of your community partner(s)
  • A sample of supporting media, if available (photos, newsletters, websites, videos, etc.)
  • A summary of any financial support received as well as a high level summary of how the funds from SFU’s Student-Community Engagement Competition were distributed
  • Any other content or information that you think relevant and useful in telling the story of your project.

Information about the reflective piece

  • The piece should be honest, respectful, and provide some space for your community partners to share thoughts and experiences alongside yours (the SFU Office of Community Engagement can provide a template to help formulate your piece);
  • The piece should be a minimum of 300 words, but we will accept longer pieces;
  • You must be willing to take part in collaborative editing with SFU’s Office of Community Engagement (we respect your voice, and the voices of your team and partners, so this process is mostly about comprehension, flow, and proofreading).