Crafting Circles team

Crafting Circles

Team members: Anisha Biswas (Faculty of Science, UBC), Puneet Chhina (Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU), Catherine Wong, Gabrielle Wong (Human Geography, Faculty of Environment, SFU)

Our team, Finding Present, aims to use ‘art for social good’, encouraging social engagement through art. By providing opportunities for people to engage with each other through artistic pursuits – particularly youth – we employ art as a way of exploring the socioeconomic dilemmas facing our communities. 

Crafting Circles will be free, semi-guided art sessions led by members of our team. Targeted towards youth (ages 12-25), we will provide a safe and relaxing space for creating art – or to just take a break from life! Art projects will relate to the environment, social justice, mental health, or any other issue crafting circle participants are passionate about. Session themes could include zero-waste crafting, stickers with environmental advocacy messages, or simply stress-relieving doodles! Each circle will take place in transit-accessible parts of Langley, such as Timms Community Centre or the Langley Youth Hub.  We will provide materials so that everyone can participate without worrying about the cost of supplies. 

The goals of our project are to provide youth in Langley with the tools and skills for creative expression, to reduce financial and social barriers to participation in arts-based activities, and to amplify the work of other advocacy organizations in Langley through creating art themed around their work.  Through our group sessions, we also hope young artists build meaningful relationships and connections to the community around them. 

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