Team members: Amanda Monteiro (SFU), Bethel Lulie (SFU), Cassandra Parsons (SFU), James Young (SFU), Viseth Long (SFU)

This is a half day workshop that focuses on the gaps that immigrant youth aged 15–24 experience when accessing sexual health education and services in the Greater Vancouver region. This session will promote discussion and networking within a coalition of interested community partners who work with immigrant youth. During the workshop, the team will facilitate the development of actionable ways to improve Vancouver’s capacity to provide sexual health services and education for immigrant youth.

This workshop will allow the team to engage community youth workers through networking, learning, advocating, brainstorming, sharing, gap identification and action planning. Ideas generated will be synthesized, and a network created to allow for continued discussion, advocacy, and referrals between organizations. In addition, postcards with actionable items will be created and sent along to our community partners, government officials and other teams who work with immigrant youth or sexual health. The goal is to break down barriers, increase the flow of information, and stimulate ideas on how to address identified gaps in this area of health.

2019-20 Burnaby & Surrey Community Engagement Award winner