Harbir Dhaliwal, Muskan Jammu, Ritu Mehra

Let’s Do Breakfast

Team members: Ritu Mehra (Biological Sciences, SFU), Harbir Dhaliwal (Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, SFU), Muskan Jammu (Health Sciences, SFU)

The global pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in food insecurity.  People are unable to provide their children with breakfast, which is a fundamental meal. Each of us has lived the experience of our parents not being able to provide us breakfast each morning before school. With the ongoing recession and housing crisis, there is little left in people’s pockets for food, especially breakfast. How can we expect students to learn at school on an empty stomach? Our plan is to establish an innovative new way to combat food insecurity in schools.

Let’s Do Breakfast will provide healthy, mind-empowering breakfast to children while emphasizing how a healthy breakfast goes hand in hand with education. We want to educate children on the importance of having a nutritious breakfast. We hope to achieve this with our informative pamphlets, which would be distributed to each student attending our program. Pamphlets will have a variety of healthy breakfast games, information to read with parents, and a rewards program based on stamps. Our mascot for the program is Bertie the Banana, who we hope will inspire students to stay engaged with our program.