Generation BXY

Team members (SFU Community Capacity Building Program): Sammie Jo Rumbaua, Eddie Sabile, Roberta McDonald

Generation BXY will be organizing marginalized communities to counteract the displacement of people, food and cultural assets in the Joyce Collingwood neighbourhood by empowering community members to speak publicly and confidently in anticipation of upcoming municipal elections (October 2022).

We plan to have an intergenerational in-person leadership development program that will take place over 3 hours on the first Saturday of May, June and July, 2022. This will enable folks to build relationships and feel comfortable with one another in a safe space. Giving voice to the improperly consulted, vulnerable population is the greatest way for us to make a difference in our community. The potential participants will be local businessowners, residents, seniors, youth, or immigrants. We will also provide translation and interpretation in Tagalog and Chinese so the training is accessible.

Our guiding values are Relationship Building, Leadership, and Social Justice. If we empower marginalized communities with the confidence to speak their minds publicly, then collectively, relationships will form that are rooted in social justice and that go beyond representation, resulting in strong leadership and a robust community.