Elvenia Gray-Sandiford

Documenstory - Ashcroft Youth Media Club

Team members: Elvenia Gray-Sandiford (Community Capacity Building Program, SFU)

Many of the youth in Ashcroft have a goal to either leave the village in which they grew up or stay in the village as long as possible for fear of venturing out to face the unknown. There is a story behind these decisions and understanding that story is important in the development of the village.

Partnering with the Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, we will train and mentor youth to become Youth Broadcasters and journalists, regardless of their learning style or ability, and we’ll provide various platforms for them to grow, engage and impact their communities and enrich the world by sharing their stories. Our hope is to give our local community youth voice and choice in documenting some of their challenges and celebrating the victories they experience around identifying "The Good". We will guide them through the creative writing and inquiry process so that they create stories and document their experiences using multiple media. We will also guide them to become constructive critical peer reviewers and editors.

Participants will engage in online and in person training activities using the Ashcroft Library as a base to share their stories through various art forms. They will work together to research and produce content, cover events, raise awareness, and highlight issues pertinent to youth. Our initial plan is for ten sessions, two hours each, with 20 youth participants, aged 9-18.

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