Masculinity Dialogues


Community dialogues about healthy masculinity – creating safe spaces where positive masculinity is discussed, understood and promoted.

Australian archeologist Peter McAllister said: "I have a strong feeling that masculinity is in crisis. Men are really searching for a role in modern society; the things we used to do aren't in much demand anymore."

The many patriarchal historical constructions of society that are in flux have created a society where any one-size conception of masculinity is thrown into the open. Recent studies have shown men to have lower college attendance and performance, career readiness and increased mental health issues. I would like to work with men to create in-person community dialogues around the theme of healthy masculinities. The aim is to get a group of 30 men of ages 16-and-up from various backgrounds into a 3-hour long dialogue with a mix of activities that allows them to get to know one another in a space safe enough to share some of their vulnerabilities and learn to hold space for one another.