Team members:  Saba Fatemi (SFU), Trisha Dulku (SFU Alumni), Rufaida Pervez (SFU), Eunbee Baik (SFU), Ricky Lalli (SFU Alumni)

There is a shortage of programs in BC through which immigrant and refugee youth can get involved with their communities, feel a sense of belonging or improve their English through fun and engaging youth-centered curricula. CommuniCreate intends to fill this gap by developing a summer and afterschool youth program in which newcomer youth can learn English through the use of engaging and hands-on activities such watching and discussing movies, roleplaying, debates, and presentations among many other things. The team will be connecting with the Surrey School District and newcomer support groups to source these students. The program will be held twice a week in Surrey, as Surrey has one of the largest populations of newcomers in Metro Vancouver.

This Program’s Goals:

  • Help newcomer youth improve their English communication ability in order to promote success in their everyday lives as well as in their academic performance; 
  • Teach youth practical life skills through hands-on activities and roleplaying;
  • Create a safe and enjoyable experience for newcomer youth to promote engagement, creativity, confidence and connection.

Pivoting to virtual programming in response to COVID-19

Thanks to DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society and the SFU Surrey – TD Community Engagement Centre, we have been able to shift our programming online in order to support immigrant and refugee youth during COVID-19.

For more information and to register when sessions are open, please visit:

2019-20 Surrey Community Engagement Award winner