Happy, Connected, Resilient Neighbours

Team members: Rita Lee (Community Capacity Building Program, SFU)

When COVID-19 hit, we all realized the importance of having a local neighbourhood network. Many people experienced major changes in their lives, such as losing their income and social network, or losing access to activities that supported their overall well-being. As a Roots of Empathy instructor who was fortunate enough to have a strong network of support, I started looking for more ways to be of service to those around me. How could I invite more people to have more resilience, more happiness, and to connect with a supportive network in the neighbourhood?

This project weaves together local resources, community partners, local facilitators, content creators and volunteers to create an intergenerational learning series that will increase mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing in our community and create a sense of connectedness in our neighbourhood. Fifteen bi-weekly workshops will be held, focussing on five different topics on a rotating basis: Stress-Free Living, Creating Health and Abundance (with local land and food resources), Financial Literacy, Nature Connection, Social Connection and Building Community. We encourage participants to attend at least one workshop on each topic, while also inviting them to choose their own adventure and create their own learning journey. Our facilitators will offer bilingual workshops (Cantonese) when there is interest. In addition, the workshop series will introduce participants to free community, food, and land resources they can use to have more ease and abundance in their lives. By bringing us all together, we aim to create new connections and possibilities that didn’t exist before.