Visible Movement Project: Bringing Cutting-Edge Anatomy to Highschool Students Across BC

Team members: Linden Lechner (SFU), Camille Velasco (SFU), Benjamin Chang (SFU) , Natasha Smith, (SFU Alumni-BPK 2020)

As the pandemic wears on, BC high school students are suffering from a lack of instructional hours, as well as a loss of engagement and enrichment opportunities. In 2019, BPK purchased the Anatomage Table, a cutting-edge technology that is the gold standard for anatomy. We want to bring this engaging, interactive digital experience to high school students in Burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver and across BC. There are only five Anatomage Tables in Canada and none in British Columbia. We want to share our knowledge of human anatomy AND this outstanding tool with high school students across BC, many of whom are looking for extra instructional activities and opportunities for networking during the Pandemic.

Our goal is to:

  • To create teaching videos targeting high school students and featuring the Anatomage Table
  • To connect with high school classrooms virtually, for live anatomy teaching workshops and Q&A sessions about educational paths to health professions; and
  • To host a high school anatomy tournament (virtually in 2021, transitioning to in-person tournament for future years; www.anatomage com/anatomy-tournaments/).

Community partners:

SFU Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (BPK)


2020-21 Grand Prize Award winner

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