Connecting Circle: Weekend Workshops Series

A one-day workshop that will connect new students in the field of Communication, Art and Technology with local businesses and organizations in Surrey.

Surrey Central is a vibrant, growing community of young people both from and outside Canada. In addition, skills within media arts and design is growing increasingly valuable. Schools such as SFU and KPU recognize this, and have based their design programs in Surrey Central. Connecting Circle aims to meet the needs of both these thriving demographics.

World Education Services (2017) notes that common barriers to immigrant integration are “language and communication”, “networking”, and “lack of local experiences/discrimination”. Connecting Circle tackle these issues by providing an environment for international students to practice English, directly connecting immigrants with the local community, and by providing an opportunity for them to learn and practice applicable skills through hands-on workshops under the watch of a mentor. Mentors and local businesses benefit as well by giving back to the community, introducing them to local talent and receiving completed creative work.

2017 Surrey Grand Award Winner