Talking Trekkers

Team members: Naima Osman (SFU), Tsion Gebremedhen (SFU)

Refugee womxn* are found to be at greater risk for social isolation and many suffer from the layered discriminatory affects of their gender, race, and religion in Canadian society. Establishing a new home here is not only limited to finding a house, a school, a job. Making a place a home is also about creating community and feeling like you belong. The goal of this project is to provide a safer and welcoming space for newly arrived refugee womxn to engage with each other, and other womxn in the greater Vancouver area. We want to center a holistic wellness approach that will merge the benefits of mental health and physical activity. 

Community partners:

Project Love Run (PLR)


*‘Womxn’ used to allow for more inclusive definition of women
2020-21 Grand Prize Award + Burnaby Festival of Learning Award winner