Team members: Vivian Ly (SFU), Iris Parker (North Island College)

AutDialogues is a two-day series of online community dialogues on improving mental health among autistic youth and adults in BC and Ontario. We will connect researchers, mental health care providers, educators, autistic people, and their families to identify gaps and create recommendations for schools, homes, community organizations, mental health clinics, and governments. Engaging stakeholders across two provinces will generate novel, actionable solutions through networking, information sharing, and cross-sector discussion. Ultimately, we strive to directly improve autistic mental health by providing a space for autistic people and families to talk about their struggles in navigating the mental health system, while working towards long-term systemic change by building webs of support, partnership, and action.

Community partners:

Autistics United BCSFU Autism and Developmental Disorders Lab

2020-21 Grand Prize Award winner