Surrey Centre: Mini-Maker Faire


An all-day workshop engaging educators and community in learning about maker pedagogy.

Maker pedagogy is a powerful educative approach that supports learning and knowing through experiences; it allows for the consideration of “curricular possibilities of asking students to design, create, adapt, or ethically hack (take apart for purposes of understanding) technological devices” (Bullock & Sator, 2015, p. 75).

The Surrey Centre Mini-Maker Faire Project will make connections amongst teachers, teacher candidates, parents, and students/children and bring together the maker in all of us. The aim of this project is to build community collaborations and capacity through Maker Pedagogy as a catalyst for supporting the engagement of design thinking and hands-on experiential activities as powerful learning.

What would you  do with $3,000?

Up to $30,000* is available to fund SFU students who want to work with community partners to create meaningful impact.

Maybe you’re working on an existing idea for a class you’re taking, through a student club, or through another organization. Or maybe you just have an amazing idea that keeps you up at night.... Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!

Start the process now by registering today and then submitting your idea before November 24 – all you need is your passion and an idea. 

* Award amounts subject to change