ACSSPA Sewing Mask Project

Team members: Nsimire Gisele Mubalama (SFU Community Capacity Building Program)

This project aims to support vulnerable Burnaby seniors from Black African communities who are facing social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as peers and neighbours in the surrounding Burnaby neighborhood. Through four learning workshops, we will provide 20 African seniors with the ability to sew, access, and teach how to properly wear non-medical masks. Participants will learn how to sew their own masks both by hand and by sewing machine, and the workshops will foster social connection and enhance intercultural relationship. We hope that participants who might be inspired to take their experiences and apply them to future fundraising, social entrepreneurship, cooperative business models, selling to retailers, and more.

Community Partners:

African-Canadian Seniors and Single Parents Association (ACSSPA), United Way Edmonds