Glow Within Foundation

Team members: Claire Connop (SFU Beedie School of Business), Karan Johar (SFU Beedie School of Business), Marzia Sager (SFU School of Communications)

Society lacks in providing available resources dedicated to teaching young women about their minds, bodies and common pressures they may face. As a young woman if you don’t have a close relationship with an older woman figure, it is difficult to access information and tools to help navigate experiences specific to girls. Glow Within’s mission is to empower and cultivate a community of confident feminine-identifying individuals by giving them the essential resources to navigate their physical, mental and emotional health. Our workshops are conducted by young university students and work to create an open environment where the facilitators can connect with the students and share relatable stories. We aim to enable participants to feel supported and understood while going through a pivotal stage in their lives.

To this date, Glow Within Foundation has conducted over 30 workshops in 6 Metro Vancouver High Schools reaching just over 230 students. Moving forward in 2022, based on increased interest among other schools, we would like to double the schools and students we work with and aim to be in 10 schools for this upcoming semester. So far, we have connected with Port Moody Secondary, Burnaby Mountain, North Burnaby, and Johnston Heights Secondary. As well we currently are solidifying our workshop schedule for the second semester with our original 6 schools.

Community partners:

School districts in Burnaby, Tri-Cities and Surrey; South Vancouver Neighbour House (SVNH)