Joni Cheung’s I know you are but what am I

Recent SCA BFA graduate Joni Cheung has curated an exhibition at Centre A gallery as part of their "curatorial skills development mentorship programme." Titled I know you are but what am I, the exhibition also features SCA BFA grads Jessica Chu, Aghigh Gougani, and Andi Icaza-Largaespada, as well as artists Alanna Edwards, Candice Jee, Tse Chun Sing, and Olivia Chow. Here's what Centre A has to say about the exhibition:

In this exhibition, Cheung invites interdisciplinary artists who reflect on the systems that construct identity as static and unchanging. As they wade through personal histories and experiences, the artists challenge narratives of cultural authenticity and consider their own layered identities and the inevitably fluid exchange between identity, place, and history. Using photography, video, sculpture, installation, and performance, these artists explore conversations around intergenerational and migratory identity experiences, revolution, womanhood, family, and belonging. Like generations of migrant communities before them, these artists negotiate with their past and present selves, to expand and broaden what collective and individual identities can be. In turn, they address dialogues around travel, migration, and displacement, at the accelerating pace of globalization.

I know you are but what am I opens June 27, 2018, at 7PM and runs from June 28 to July 28. Centre A is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 5pm, and are now at their new location: Unit 205 – 268 Keefer Street. The exhibition also features Composting Workshops by Candice Jee on July 14 and July 28 at 3pm and an 'eating performance' with Olivia Chow on July 19 at 7pm.

Photo Credit: Candice Xiaobing Jee, Many flowers have foreign names (after Yu Jing 余靖). Photo: Kayleigh Madjar.