Smallthingy 2024

March 1 – 3, 2024 | FREE
Mt. Erskine Juniper trailhead – 270 Trustees Trail, Salt Spring Island, BC

The Small File Media Festival and Allthingy are excited to partner to present Smallthingy, a program of small-file films embracing the creative power of the low, small, and green. Stop by the allthingy roadside platform from March 1-3, with a talk about small-file principles on March 3.

Focusing on the environmentally friendly small-file eco-media, these movies are small in file size, but huge in impact: by embracing the aesthetics of compression and low resolution (glitchiness, noise, pixelation), they lay the groundwork for a new experimental film movement in the face of carbon-excessive streaming media.

A series of looped screenings curated by Abede Mohammadi will play from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the Allthingy roadside production/presentation platform located at the Mt. Erskine Juniper trailhead, end of Trustees Trail, Saltspring Island. This will be followed by a stimulating chat on small-file media by artist and SFMF operations manager and SCA alumnus Joey Malbon and festival founder, the SCA's Laura Marks. SCA PhD student Yani Kong will hold the spiritual flame of the three-day intervention.

For more about the programing, please visit the Small File Media Festival website.

About the Small File Media Festival

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Laura U. Marks, the Small File Media Festival began to raise awareness about the environmental impact of streaming media and explore alternative solutions for media practices and approaches in media studies. Allthingy is a new multipurpose presentation platform for community production at the Mount Erskine trailhead on Saltspring Island/CUÁN, operated by artists Germaine Koh and Ian Verchere and a collective of friends, neighbours and collaborators.

Showcasing Small-File Ecomedia compressed at a rate of 1.44 MB/minute, the Small File Media Festival presents a radical aesthetic that not only challenges the current craze for high-definition media and cinematic grandeur but also sets the scene for the creation of an entirely new art form.

Here, through a selection of small-file films, you’re invited to experience the creative power of the low, small, and green.

March 03, 2024