Image: Maria Morin

CA 276 / CA 371 Projects

April 5 – 14, 2024
Lobby Screen Array
149 W. Hastings St., Vancouver

A collection of projection works by students in CA 276 and CA 371, led by the SCA's Miwa Matreyek.

CA 276 | Spring 2024

Rotoscoping Project

Dancer: Emily Lee
Camera: Ricardo Gutierrez

Rotoscope footage: Sofi Badzio, Marianne Gagnon, Edison Ho Chit Cheung, Ricardo Gutierrez, Mimi Huszti, Jacob Imoo, Dawn Ka, Sally Mao, Baran Mehrdadian, Maria Morin, Beth Miusze Nam, Tadeo Rios-Davila, Iver Smith, Triane Tambay, Toni-Leah C. Yake.

Background footage: Marianne Gagnon, Dawn Ka, Mimi Huszti, Kirill Fertsman, Toni-Leah C. Yake, Jacob Imoo.

Performance and Projection Project

Live Performance and choreography: Lauren Han
Music: Jack Blanco

Animation by: Sofi Badzio, Marianne Gagnon, Edison Ho Chit Cheung, Kirill Fertsman, Ricardo Gutierrez, Mimi Huszti, Jacob Imoo, Sally Mao, Maria Morin, Beth Miusze Nam, Tadeo Rios-Davila, Iver Smith, Triane Tambay, Toni-Leah C. Yake.

Inks Exploration Project

Beth Miusze Nam, Sofi Badzio, Maria Morin, Dawn Ka, Iver Smith, Jacob Imoo, Kirill Fertsman, Ricardo Gutierrez, Marianne Gagnon, Triane Tambay, Sally Mao, Mimi Huszti, Baran Mehrdadian.

CA 276 Course Description

This class will be centred around moving image-making from analog approaches to digital. We will cover various skills and techniques including creating compositions, collage making, stop-motion, rotoscoping, digital 2D animation (Adobe Aftereffects), green screen compositing, and more. Students will make several short videos projects throughout the term. Some of the software covered in this class are Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, and the Stop Motion app.

This is not an animation/filmmaking/narrative class, but rather a class where we learn various approaches for generating video assets and content. Some of the content made in projects will be projected onto surfaces or be projected in context to bodies. 

This class lays the foundational media creation skills for students to make their own or small ensemble performances and installations in CA 376.

CA 371 | Spring 2024

In the Eye of the Projector: CA 371 Class Showcase
March 26 & 27, 2024 6:30PM - 8:30PM Studio D

Zuzanna Liniewski – To the Tears that Never Fell

Maddy Woodley – Can you remember it?

Siqi (Suki) Xu – Echoes

Hailey Gil – Hailey’s room

Albina Dyusenova & Miranda Collard – Memory Lane

Vicky Kwok – The Garden: A Reflection of Once a Dream

Coco Zhou – DreamCore 17

Kezi Jacob – Little Beast

Lucas Guo – Super Lucario

Jessica Kwon – Camp nostalgia

Catelyn Lin – Curse? Blessing?

Chenli Zhong – Time Player

Patrick Maka – Elegia

CA 371 Course Description

This studio class will focus on combining video projection with various surface materials and bodies as tools for creating visual compositions, video environments, and modes of interactivity for performance and installation. The class will explore the physical and ephemeral qualities of video projection as image and light, and how viewer perception plays a part in the experience of the work. The class will consist of experimentation, content and skill development and an iterative process.

April 14, 2024