Into Existence

1st & 2nd Year Dance Show
February 2 & 3, 2024 | 7:30 PM | Free | RSVP
Room 4650 (Blonde Studio) – SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 W. Hastings St., Vancouver

RSVP: Fri., Feb., 2

RSVP: Sat., Feb., 3

Our first and second years have been working extremely hard, volunteering their time, and dedicating themselves to their craft to bring this, the second annual First and Second Year dance show “Into Existence”. This show is an opportunity for our junior students to show off how they use their tools of technique and creation gathered through the program to create their own works.

Organized and directed by Nai’a Johnson

PROGRAM: Night #1  

Exploration of Accelerometer and Props
Choreographer: Larkin Schering
Performers: Sophie Riedl and Larkin Schering
Music: Soundscore by Larkin Schering

This work uses an accelerometer on each dancer to send data from their movement to the computer. The data is then used to generate audio and visuals that respond to them as they perform throughout the space.

Choreographer: Aleni Koorjee
Performers: Aleni Koorjee and Elizabeth Kiss
Music: Chikni Chameli by Shreya Ghoshal and Barso Re by Shreya Ghoshal and Uday Mazumdar.

This dance is a fusion of Bollywood and Bharatanatyam dance styles and titled Chameli. The Dandiya Sticks being used are dance sticks used traditionally in the folk dances Dandiya Raas and Garba Raas, originating in Gujrat, India. Aleni Koorjee has choreographed the dance as a way to share her culture with the SFU dance community.

Shaped breakage
Choreographer: Elijah Sam
Performer: Elijah Sam
Music: You by Petrify

My piece is informed by the breaking and disjointed shapes of the body. I started exploring this piece initially with no music and was interested in the idea of formative movement, extended lines that is slightly off and that are breaking. I set it to music with audio from my friend Scott who goes by the name of Petrify. You can follow his music on soundcloud. The piece is about four minutes long and also contains themes of anguish, guttural sounds and some profanities.

Choreographer: Teddy Brubacher
Performers: Vivien Dang, Claire Martin, Reese Magnayon, Nai’a Johnson, and Teddy Brubacher
Music: Money by Pink Floyd

Choreographer: Gabi Johnson
Performers: Larkin Shering and Lina Baang
Music: Polly by Moses Sumney

Pretty Frank
Choreographer: Ashley Sankaran-Wee
Performer: Ashley Sankaran-Wee
Music: Drowning Love by Chasing Kou

time of the season
Choreographer: Emma Chow
Performer: Emma Chow
Music: Time of the Season by The Zombies

Performers: Vivien Dang and Reese Magnayon
Music: Wyrd by Glass Animals

The rippled mind
Choreographer: Sarah Wilson
Performers: Daisy de Kroon and Elijah Sam
Music: infinite love by Emile Mossseri

This performance explores the mind by use of metaphorical means. A still standing pond contains a multitude of living organisms cohabiting together in unison. Until a stone is thrown into the water, causing a disturbance in the habitat. We can choose to view our minds in this same light. A mind can be clear and direct until an event can “ripple” our minds , distorting our thoughts and actions.

It's Raining in my Mirror
Choreographer: Claire Martin
Performers: Claire Martin and Teddy Brubacher
Music: Je te laisserai de mots by Patrick Watson (edit by Claire Martin)

Never Changing
Choreographers: Christina Evans and Grace Byman
Performers: Christina Evans and Grace Byman
Music: Love in Portofino by Dalida

Damn the Dark
Choreographer: Penelope Patterson
Performers: Aleni Koorjee, Gabi Johnson, Kaliyah States, Tia Gunhold, and Lina Baang
Music: The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

PROGRAM: Night #2

Choreographer: Naz Ozlu
Performers: Teddy Brubacher, Vivien Dang, Reese Magnayon, and Naz Ozlu
Music: Exist by Avenged Sevenfold

Inspired by the meaning behind Avenged Sevenfold’s “Exist,” this piece imagines a (very possible!) world where the individual and the collective embraces and lives by the cosmic perspective: acknowledging that humans are not the centre of the universe, but are simply a small part within it. This piece is dedicated to everyone and everything, existed/existing/will exist at any point in time, as we are all “existers,” and it aims to serve as an invitation to learn and embrace the cosmic perspective, or to go to a beach and watch the night sky, or to go on a hike and befriend the ecosystem.

A Distant World of Things Unspoken
Choreographer: Larkin Schering
Performers: Gabi Johnson, Liz Kiss, Sophie Riedl, Amaru Seki, and Kaliyah States
Music: Labyrinthine by Julianna Barwick (edit and voice over by Larkin Schering)

Am I here/there
Choreographer: Soleil Mousseau
Performers: Lauren Butterfield and Emily Lee
Rain Tapping On Shed & Solfeggio Ambiance by Solfeggio Frequencies

Two distinct entities, each existing within their own unique temporal dimensions of past, present, and future, consciously engage in a dynamic interaction. They explore time not as a linear progression, but as a complex tapestry of interconnected moments. The objective of this interaction is a deliberate effort to identify a mutual temporal intersection, a shared moment in time, acknowledging that one’s past moments could be another’s present or future.

Killer Within
Choreographer: Emma Chow and Penelope Patterson
Performers: Emma Chow and Penelope Patterson
Music: King by Florence and the Machine

Choreographer: Daisy de Kroon
Performers: Sarah Wilson, Elijah Sam, Naz Ozlu, and Vivien Dang

Choreographers / Performers: Elizabeth Kiss, Lina Baang, and Amaru Seki
Music: The Girl from Ipanema by Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto

people x people
Choreographer: Sonja Kwantes
Performers: Teddy Brubacher, Lauren Butterfield, Hannah Latta, Emily Lee, Reese Magnayon, Soleil Mousseau, Jeya Thiessen, and Ashley Sankaran-Wee
Will be Arriving by Brokeback

Choreographer: Sophie Riedl
Performer: Sophie Riedl
This piece is dedicated to Samantha Littler: my aunt, my friend, my hero.

You shaped this heart of mine
Choreographer: Nai’a Johnson
Performer: Nai’a Johnson
Music: Space And Time by S.G. Goodman

Free in the Mind
Choreographer: Amaru Seki
Performers: Amaru Seki, Lina Bang, Polina Aleksieieva, Emily Lee, Ashley Sankaran-Wee, and Reese Magnayon
Music: Jail by Kanye West

points of leading
Choreographer: Lauren Butterfield
Performer: Lauren Butterfield
The Sheltering Sky by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto

Thank You

I’d like to thank the following for their help and support in making this show happen: Emmalena Fredrickson, Marla Eist, Emily Neaumann, Ben Rogalsky, Ashley Sankaran-Wee, Jeya Thiessen, Reese Magnayon, our fantastic volunteers, especially Clara Xu and Czarina Agustines, and all the wonderful emerging artists sharing their work tonight.

February 03, 2024