4th Floor Room Booking Request Form

Please READ the SCA Student Room Bookings Policies & Procedures (PDF) prior to submitting a request.

Allow a minimum of 2 working days to process and respond to your submission (working days are Monday to Friday, approx. 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays and University closures). Booking requests made on Fridays will not be looked at until Monday afternoon or Tuesday (i.e. 2 working days are required). Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.   

Important Notes

  • Only SFU students currently enrolled in CA courses may book rooms, and only SFU students enrolled in CA courses can participate in the booking (for special exceptions to allow non-SFU students who aren't enrolled in CA courses to be part of the booking, please contact Kristen Schiefke, the SCA's Manager, Academic & Administrative Services, at sca_manager@sfu.ca).
  • Only 4th floor rooms are booked through this form. (For 3rd floor film editing suites, please email the SCA's Film and Video Resource Specialist at csaleken@sfu.ca. All other rooms, including performance venues, are not available to be booked by students.)
  • Room bookings must be CA course related; rehearsals for outside projects are not permitted
  • No same day bookings; you need to give at least 2 working days notice to book a room
  • If you no longer need the room booking, please email ca@sfu.ca ASAP, as other students may need the room

Use of Spaces

Please respect the room and return everything in the room to the way it is supposed to be:

  • Do not remove chairs, tables, equipment, instruments, music stands, speakers, etc.
  • NEVER move instruments, especially pianos, even a few inches
  • Put tables and chairs (if applicable) back into the regular set-up for that space
  • Everything that was brought into the space must be removed
  • Dispose of any garbage and clean-up after yourself
  • Aim to leave the room cleaner and tidier than when you arrived

Dance Studio Rules (GCA 4525, 4650, and 4750)

  • No outdoor shoes are permitted
  • No dance shoes with screws (i.e. tap shoes) are permitted
  • No rosin is to be used
  • No food or drink is permitted except for water in secured plastic or metal containers (no glass)
  • Props, tables, or chairs that could damage the floors are not permitted

If anything is damaged, broken, or excessively dirty, or if you have any other concerns about the space, please email ca@sfu.ca.

This is your first choice for the booking time/space. Bookings start and end at :00 or :30
This is your second choice for the same booking. It will only be considered if your first choice is not available.
Are all students who will be present enrolled in a CA course for the current semester?